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There are a lot of thematic cafés in Lviv city that are famous all over Ukraine. Today their list undeniably can be replenished by one more item – ‘Fixage’ café-museum.

A recently opened café has already captivated hearts of many Lvivians and guests of the city, as it is an incredible idea of embodying human passions and fancies.

 ‘Fixage’ café-museum is not only a place, where you can have a cup pf coffee, but also a meeting point, where you can have a good time watching films, photos and socializing with friends.

But what makes this place so exceptional? – It is, beyond any doubt, an impressive collection of vintage photographic equipment that has been gathered for more than forty years.

We often admire photos, their composition and content. On the photos we can perpetuate important moments in the life of each person, reflect his/her mood and present it from a different perspective not always noticed by others. It was a film photo camera that allowed creating a great number of such photo masterpieces. A photo made by means of such a camera is always an ocean of emotions as the quantity of shots is limited and one can see them only after development, only then it will become clear whether this is a masterpiece or failure.

Contemplating the collection of vintage photographic equipment in ‘Fixage’ café you understand that each of these cameras has its own unique history, for each of them illustrated events important to someone. These might be trivial events like children’s parties or, perhaps, great ones like revolutions.

The incredible atmosphere of warmth and coziness prevails in the café. Antique furniture thrills you by elegance of carving, design and passion, brought into its creation by the hands of the master. You can make yourself comfortable in a chair and rest from the noise of Lviv streets having a cup of aromatic coffee.

You will be certainly offered some sweeties as an accompaniment to the coffee. No one will be able to resist such a variety of cakes, tarts, strudels and other pastry. By the way, coffee can be prepared for you by more than ten methods and connoisseurs of tea will be offered some interesting and extraordinary sorts of it.

For autumn teatime it’s better to choose the table near the window, where you can enjoy a marvelous view of Lviv rainy streets.

In addition to the upper hall you can visit also the basement hall, where you will be offered a glass of excellent whisky. An assortment includes the best premium sorts of this golden drink. By the way, this is the hall where film viewing takes place.

Starting from autumn ‘Fixage’ café decided to organize film viewing evenings. Each month you can enjoy watching movies by famous directors of the 30-60’s.

On October 22 a photo club started its activity, where each connoisseur of photo art can take part. Young photographers have chance to participate in seminars, discussions, photo sessions, and the best works will be selected for the photo exhibition in the café.

You can also visit a webpage of the café on Facebook, where you can follow all the news, take part in contests and just get acquainted with interesting and peculiar works of Ukrainian and foreign photo artists.

Finally, it should be mentioned that this place renders Lviv spirit in the best way possible – quiet, calm atmosphere with a breath of the past and look into the future – a place you want to return to over and over again.


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