George Hotel

  • Architecture
  • City center

George Hotel is the oldest existing hotel in Lviv

Its history dates back to 18th century, when the travelers going through Lviv from Russia to Western Europe started staying there. The present fashionable building was designed by famous Vienna Fellner & Helmer architecture studio in 1899-1901.

In honor of the merchant Georg Hoffman who became a new owner in 1816, the facade has been decorated with the picture of St. George. Hoffman rebuilt the hotel and introduced many innovations. In the niches of the lateral facades architects have installed sculptural allegories of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Before the Second World War, the most prominent guests of the city used to stay there. Among them were writers Honore de Balzac, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ivan Franko, Emperor Franz Josef I, Iranian Shah Muzaffar Eddin and Marshal Józef Pilsudski.

The hotel restaurant, where city balls and social occasions took place, was very popular in the past.

                                                                                         Author Ihor Lylo
                                                                                         Translated by A. Kushch


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