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Stunning Carpathian landscapes that take your breath away, active recreation, delicious local cuisine, an unforgettable journey to the medieval era, and unique rock formations that were shaped millions of years ago. It's all about a trip to the village of Urych in the southern part of Lviv region, where you'll find a picturesque and atmospheric place called Tustan.

Ocean, Stone, and Fortress

It is believed that a fortress existed on these rocks during the time of the Galician-Volhynian Principality. It served administrative functions and was also an important customs point. The pledge located here controlled the trade routes. Hence the name: "stop here, pay customs, and continue on."

The petroglyphs found on the rocks indicate human use of this location since ancient times. There are hypotheses of a pagan shrine at this site. The rocks themselves, according to researchers, date back millions of years. Their history stretches back to the time of the Tethys Ocean.

Study and Reconstruction

The main researcher of Tustan is archaeologist Mykhailo Rozhko. He has dedicated a large part of his life to the process of studying this location and reconstructing the ancient cliff fortress. The first mentions of Tustan date back to the 13th century. There are 4,000 notches left on the rocks, providing clues to reconstruct the logic of the wooden elements of the former fortress. The fortress on these rocks underwent several reconstructions. Within its territory, there were residential and utility buildings for the garrison, wells with water, and more.

Tustan today

In 1994, the State Historical and Cultural Reserve was opened on the complex's territory. Near the fortress, there is a museum dedicated to its history. There, visitors can see valuable exhibits and models of Tustan, and learn about the history and appearance of the fortress in an interesting and interactive way.

Tustan is a great idea for organizing leisure activities. Visitors can purchase souvenirs or taste local dishes. There is a beautiful infrastructure around for an enjoyable and creative leisure experience, and there is a natural spring with drinking water. In the summer, the complex hosts a historical festival.


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