Mykhailo Dzyndra Museum of Modern Art

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The only museum of modern sculpture in Ukraine.

It is the first and only museum of modern sculpture in Ukraine, but it is special not only because of this fact.  The museum is located outside the city, next to a pine forest. The large spacious room has no partitions and is completely filled with intricate sculptures by Mykhailo Dzyndra - this unique space is definitely worth a visit for art lovers.

Музей модерної скульптури Михайла Дзиндри

The creator of the museum - Mykhailo Dzyndra 

Mykhailo Dzyndra is a Ukrainian artist who was forced to live most of his life in emigration, first in Germany and later in the United States, where he developed an authentic style of sculpture. Dzyndra started with realistic sculpture, and after getting acquainted with the work of American colleagues and another Ukrainian sculptor in emigration Oleksandr Archypenko, he began to work with plastic modern sculpture. The artist created his sculptures with the help of unusual art materials - construction mesh and cement.

Музей модерної скульптури Михайла Дзиндри

History of creation

After the proclamation of Ukraine's independence in 1991, Mykhailo Dzyndra had the opportunity to return to his homeland and immediately took advantage of it. He brought his sculptures with him and was inspired by the idea to create a special space for exhibiting contemporary art - something that had never been done in Ukraine before. The sculptor was looking for opportunities to implement the project for a long time, but in the end, the museum had to be created at his own expense. Dzyndra himself purchased a land plot for it and built the premises.

According to the original plan, it was supposed to be an open-air museum, where sculptures and forest landscapes would create a single visual composition, but the works needed protection from weather conditions, so they had to be placed under the roof. The museum was completed and opened to the public in 2005, a year before the author's death.

Музей модерної скульптури Михайла Дзиндри
Exhibition of the Museum of Modern Sculpture by Mykhailo Dzyndra
Музей модерної скульптури Михайла Дзиндри

The museum today

Now the museum is taken care of by the sculptor's wife - Sofiia Dzyndra, and the institution belongs to the museum complex Lviv National Gallery of Arts. There are more than 800 sculptures by Dzyndra, as well as masks and drawings, the exposition consists of five thematic groups. This is a separate sculptural world, the embodiment of the imagination of its creator, which is always open to dialogue with the viewer.

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