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From Lviv to Skhidnytsia for the weekend


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For a rich and exciting weekend getaway, we offer you a route from Lviv to the famous recreational resort of Skhidnytsia. There's no need to cover vast distances - explore Lviv region and discover new places and tourist gems of our land.

Along the way from Lviv to Skhidnytsia, you have the opportunity to visit various interesting tourist attractions and beautiful places. Of course, it's impossible to see everything in just two days! So, take advantage of the suggestions in our selection and let's embark on a journey through the picturesque Lviv region!

Here are some locations worth visiting on the route to Skhidnytsia:


An ancient city with a rich history and a unique atmosphere. There's a chance to stay for a while, so plan enough time because there are numerous interesting tourist attractions here that are worth visiting.

For example, an observation deck on the tower of the Town Hall in the very center of the city on Rynok Square; the Gothic Church of St. Bartholomew; the salt factory where the famous Drohobych salt, which has already become a symbol of Drohobych, is "born"; the unique ancient wooden church of St. George, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; original murals and installations of the "Street Museum"; one of the largest choral synagogues in Eastern Europe; beautiful villas, and more.

Honey Blues - a location where you can visit a beekeeping farm, have a picnic, or relax at the campground. They offer very interesting tours where you are provided with special costumes and learn about the life of bees and the work of a beekeeper. You can observe the honey collection process, try sleeping on a beehive, participate in a pottery masterclass, or make a beeswax candle.

Nahuyevychi - the birthplace of Ivan Franko. Here you will find the museum-estate and the literary-memorial museum of the "Ukrainian stonemason." Additionally, you have the opportunity to walk along the "Ivan Franko Trail," where you can see wooden carvings of characters from Ivan Yakovych's works.


The city that was once known as the oil capital of Galicia, as it accounted for 5% of the world's oil production in the 19th to early 20th centuries. We recommend visiting the interactive pharmacy-museum of Johann Zeg, where you can learn a lot about the history of pharmacy, oil extraction, and oil refining. You'll see fascinating experiments and a collection of antique exhibits.

In Boryslav, there is a unique Neo-Gothic Church of St. Anne (1902) where over seven hundred relics of saints, gathered from various corners of the world, are preserved. And to marvel at the incredible surrounding nature and mountain landscapes, you'll need to take the cable car up to Mount Bukovitsa.


A popular balneological resort known for its 38 springs and 17 wells with mineral water of varying chemical composition. For therapeutic procedures, not only water is used but also a unique local mineral called mountain wax (ozokerite). People come to Skhidnytsia not only for medical purposes but also often to simply relax, enjoy the beauty of the Carpathian landscapes, and breathe in the mountain air.

Among the interesting attractions worth visiting are the wooden church on Zamkova Hora, the landscape park of St. Panteleimon the Healer, or taking a trip up the observation tower on Tsyukhiv Verkh mountain. Skhidnytsia has a well-developed infrastructure for comfortable leisure and wellness, including modern hotel-spa complexes, mini-hotels, private cottages, and guesthouses.

To facilitate your choice of a location for a comfortable vacation, we recommend staying at the "RESPECT" SPA Hotel". The complex occupies a large area and is situated amidst natural springs and picturesque Carpathian mountains. This gives you the opportunity to admire scenic landscapes and sunrises from any room. Here, you can fully immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoy your leisure time. The hotel has its own mineral water spring, medical programs, a speleotherapy chamber, ozone therapy, a luxurious spa with a wide range of services, an indoor pool, saunas, a fitness center, a children's room, and a restaurant with delicious cuisine. Your vacation in the Carpathians will be remembered for a long time.

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If you plan to extend your vacation for a few more days, we recommend visiting the historical and cultural reserve "Tustan" in the village of Urych. The Tustan Rock Fortress from the 13th to 16th centuries is a unique cliff complex, a natural and architectural monument that had no analogues in Europe. You can also visit the museum and take a stroll along the marked trail around the cliffs, reaching the observation deck where you'll be rewarded with incredible views.

Not far from Tustan, you'll find the Kamianka Waterfall, which stands at a height of 7 meters. While you're here, we recommend taking a stroll to Zhuravlyne, or as it's called in folklore, the Dead Lake - another picturesque corner of nature amidst the Carpathian landscapes. It's also worth visiting the Hurkalo Waterfall, where water cascades down from a height of about 5 meters. And one more recommendation is the incredibly scenic Sopit Waterfall (with a height of 8 meters), which is located near the mentioned "RESPECT" SPA Hotel.

At the end of your journey, we recommend visiting Truskavets - the oldest balneological resort in Europe, located in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Here, you can taste the legendary and unique healing mineral water called "Naftusya."


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