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Traffic rules and tips for cyclists



Bicycle is an environmentally friendly transport of the future. Riding a bicycle increases the endurance of the body, the load of the working day is easier to bear, the emotional background of a person is stabilized. Cyclists never stand in traffic jams, do not pollute the air and the environment. Bicycles are much cheaper, easier to repair and operate, and the only resource they need is human energy.

More and more people around the world prefer convenient two-wheeled transport, successfully combining it with trains, subways, and electric trains, saving their time and taking care of their health.

More and more people are using a bicycle as a way to spend a weekend, play sports, or go on a tourist trip.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed people's habits and priorities in the choice of transport. Today, people will primarily take care of their own isolation, which can give them a bike, so we decided to remind residents of Lviv and Ukraine, as well as tell guests about the rules of use and movement on bicycles and give some advice - a good idea.

In Ukraine, cyclists are participants in traffic and, accordingly, must comply with the "Rules of the Road" approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 10, 2001 N 1306.


Thus, for cyclists, the resolution defines the following basic conditions:

  • persons who have reached the age of 14 are allowed to ride bicycles on the road;
  • to move on bicycle paths, and if they are not present on the extreme right lane of the carriageway, in one row (it is also possible to go on a roadside);
  • the bicycle must be equipped with an audible signal and reflectors: white at the front, orange at the sides, red at the rear;

When moving on the carriageway, before stopping, adjusting, turning or turning, cyclists are obliged to give warning signals:

  1. turn or adjust to the right - outstretched right hand;
  2. turn or adjust to the left - outstretched left arm;
  3. stop - any hand is raised.

It is also recommended to give a left turn signal when going around a car parked on the right edge of the lane. The hand signal should be given in advance and stopped immediately before the maneuver. When riding in a group, the signs are given first by the facilitator, and the members of the group repeat them immediately.

  • for movement in the dark and in conditions of insufficient visibility on a bicycle the lamp (headlight) has to be established and included;
  • cyclists, moving in groups, must ride one after another so as not to interfere with other road users;
  • a column of cyclists moving on the carriageway must be divided into groups (up to 10 cyclists in a group) with a distance between groups of 80-100 m;
  • a cyclist may carry only such goods that do not interfere with the management of the bicycle and do not create obstacles for other road users;
  • if the cycle path crosses the road outside the intersection, cyclists are obliged to give way to other vehicles moving on the road.

It is forbidden for a cyclist!

  • ride a bicycle with a faulty brake, an audible signal, and in the dark and in conditions of insufficient visibility - with the lamp (headlight) off or without reflectors;
  • to move on highways and roads for cars, and also on the carriageway when the bicycle path is arranged nearby;
  • move on sidewalks and footpaths (except for children under 7 on children's bicycles under adult supervision);
  • hold on to another vehicle while driving;
  • ride without holding the wheel, and remove your feet from the pedals (footrests);
  • to carry passengers by bicycle (except for children under 7 years of age, which are transported on an additional seat equipped with securely fastened footrests);
  • tow bicycles or a trailer not intended for use with a bicycle.

Passage of pedestrian crossings

  • At regulated pedestrian crossings, cyclists must obey the signals of bicycle or general traffic lights, as well as regulators.
  • At unregulated pedestrian crossings, cyclists, like all other drivers, must clear the way for pedestrians. It is also necessary to clear the road for pedestrians who go to the tram at the stop or from it (from the door), if the tram tracks run along the carriageway.
  • Cyclists cannot cross the road at a pedestrian crossing, nor can they turn at a pedestrian crossing. In this case, you need to get off the bike and cross the road as a pedestrian.

When does a cyclist become a pedestrian?

A cyclist who does not ride a bicycle but rolls it is considered a pedestrian. In this case, he is subject to the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians. The Rules state that there is only one difference between a cyclist who rolls a bicycle and a pedestrian: on the carriageway, pedestrians must move "along the edge of the carriageway towards the movement of vehicles", and cyclists who roll a bicycle must move "on the edge of the carriageway in the direction of traffic".


These rules are mandatory for all categories of road users, but there are a few nuances that we would like to share with you. In Ukraine, and in particular in Lviv, it is a great pity - low driving culture, many drivers ignore the rules of the road and do not consider cyclists full participants in traffic, so you need to remember and be especially careful, especially in the countryside. In Lviv, historically, most of the central and central streets are narrow and poorly adapted for bicycle traffic (no curbs, parked cars, cars moving very close to the curbs), and bicycle paths, although very many compared to other cities in Ukraine, however, they are not ubiquitous and cannot meet the needs of cyclists, so often cyclists move on sidewalks, which is not legal, but the only possible option in this situation (slow ride, or ride a bike nearby, which is allowed by the rules). It is also a pity, but many pedestrians in Lviv, especially young mothers with prams, use bicycle paths for movement and walking. You need to remember this and try not to get into controversy, but just go around the pedestrian so as not to spoil your mood =)

Tips and tricks!

Before each departure, carry out an external inspection of the bicycle, check the serviceability of the brakes and gear changes.

  • Never talk on the phone while driving. If you need to answer the call - stop.
  • Do not drive with music on the headphones.
  • Clothing should be comfortable and visible (nothing should interfere with movement), and even better - equipped with reflectors.
  • Try to ride in a helmet. When falling, it protects the most vulnerable part of the body - the head. Head injuries are one of the most serious possible when falling from a bicycle. In addition, the helmet protects the head from sunstroke and rain. To protect the palms from rubbing the steering wheel, as well as from damage in the event of a fall, it is recommended to wear special gloves.
  • When turning, forking, and stopping public transportation, make sure no one is trying to slip to your left or right. The first time assess the situation 100 m before a turn, fork or stop, the second time - at a distance sufficient to reduce the speed to the fork or stop
  • Give clear signals to drivers in the event of an uncertain situation.
  • When stopping at an intersection, try to drive ahead so that all drivers behind you can see you. Starting synchronously with a car whose driver cannot see you in a confined space can lead to unpleasant consequences.
  • When driving green, always look in the direction from which the cars were just leaving.
  • Any obstacle is a reason to brake, but try to perform sharp maneuvers only as a last resort.
  • Hold the steering wheel firmly when driving on sand, puddles, tram/rail tracks - if it moves freely, you may fall.

We hope that following these rules and using the tips will allow you to get a pleasant experience from using bicycles in Lviv.


Lviv.Travel reminds - use bicycles responsibly !!!

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