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The project aim is to present the sculptural heritage of Ivan Georg Pinzel accessible, interesting and up-to-date with the latest means.

The use of audio guides in culture and in everyday life is a global trend that is already an integral part of Western imagination and public institutions that rely on their own development and new technologies. We refer to the cultural and artistic heritage of Ivan Georg Pinzel, one of the most striking and mysterious artists in our region, as wonderful cultural' material'.

Lviv residents and city guests, by downloading the application on their smartphones, they will not only be able to listen to information about the author, his works and the era in which he lived and created, but also to see three-dimensional copies of the Master's sculptures.

The aim is to promote and increase public interest in the history objects, architecture, sculpture, art works, uncovering in a unique media form little-known biographical and historiographical information about the life and work of Pinzel.

With innovative methods of photogrammetry, 3D scanning, virtual and augmented reality, the project aims to attract the widest possible audience to get acquainted with, study, comprehend and participate in the development of cultural heritage objects.

More information you can find on website.


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