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Unusual and whimsical houses of Lviv

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In Ukraine, there is a lot of unusual architecture or buildings that differ in the shape of doors, windows, height, or color combination, starting from the Dnipro "Barcelona", Kaufman's "Wave" in Odesa, a house made of containers, an upside-down building in the Frankiv region, to the capital's "Disneyland". Many of us in childhood dreamed of living in a fairy-tale house, and even tried to build it from old unnecessary boxes, various constructors or from wood with our own hands. has selected some of the most unusual houses that were built in Lviv!


Top 5 unusual, interesting and whimsical houses in Lviv

Plasticine house

Where? St. Tsetnerivka, 16

Whatever you call this house, which is located not far from Lychakivsky Park, it is whimsical, bizarre, strange, plasticine. One of the original works of architectural art of the beginning of the 21st century is the "plasticine house", which is somewhat similar to the works of the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi-i-Cornet from Barcelona. The villa from the 1930s of the 20th century, which was inherited by the current owner and he ordered reconstruction from the Lviv architect Mykola Senyk, was as if ordinary, because the building immediately received a radically new look. According to the architect, the image that he embodied in reality came to him in a dream. And indeed, the house looks unrealistic, like from a cartoon, and discussions on social networks, in particular reals-videos in Tik-Tok, do not subside until now, giving every chance to become a popular tourist attraction not only for guests of our city, but even for Lviv residents.


Where? St. Pekarska, 34

Flat houses? How do people live there? They live! Moreover, Lviv can boast of more than one flat house, we have about 10 of them. All of them have an architectural feature - one of the corners of the house is unusually sharp. Therefore, if you look from a certain angle, when one of the sides of the house is hidden from the observer, an illusion is created, as if the house is flat, that is, it has only one wall - the facade. However, the most famous Lviv "wall" is located at Pekarska Street, 34. In the city of Lviv, this building has the status of the "flattest", because the walls of the building form an angle of 45 degrees. And the truncated top is only 1.4 meters. If you stop near the corner of the house, you get the deceptive impression that the whole house is a solid wall. This form is not an architect's quirk. At that time, land in the city was very expensive. Therefore, the owners were forced to survive on what they had and built "triangle" houses. Two more flat houses are located at 10 Lysenko Street and 10 Zaliznyaka Street. The first question arises, how can you live in such a house? However, after seeing the flowers on the windowsills, air conditioners and other elements of people's living, you still have to believe that someone lives in this house. These unique buildings will be familiar to many from the photos.

Будинок-стіна, вул. Пекарська, 34

Cylinder house

Where? St. Berezhenska, 54

And finally, did you know about the cylinder house or the well house in the Kozelnyki microdistrict in Sykhov? It will become one of the locations for photos from the bottom angle on your wishlist! This is a round residential building on the street. Berezhanska, 54, where you can take incredible photos. Back in 2008, this high-rise building is one of the most grotesque new buildings in Lviv, having 16 floors, its shape resembles a cupcake with an empty center, and inside it has a round courtyard-well. So, hurry up and get your friends to sit on the asphalt for a while, or find a wonderful house, or on the contrary, create an optical illusion on your photos, because photo illusions have long conquered many users of social networks. All because they help you spend your free time in a fun and useful way!


Crossword puzzle house

Where? St. Ac. Sakharova, 82

The Crossword art object was opened on December 29, 2008, its height is 30 meters, and its width is 18 meters. The annual celebration of crosswords based on the grid takes place on December 21, so our house, designed by the author of the project - Serhiy Petlyuk, who made it quite original and unusual, is also involved in the event of this day.

Whether you prefer cryptic, quick, no-charts, or countless other variations, on location crossword day, you'd need a really big pen and knowledge of Cyrillic to complete the world's largest crossword, which is on the wall of a residential building. Previously, booklets with tasks for solving this crossword were distributed in Lviv, clues could be found all over the city at important sights, such as museums and monuments, and when visiting the house at night, the answers appeared in fluorescent paint. Today, unfortunately, there is no backlight and the answers have already been entered.


Yellow and black house

Where? St. Yefremova, 26

Until recently, an unremarkable mansion from the end of the 18th century lived out its days. on the site, sandwiched between ordinary buildings with 3-4 floors, and erected at the beginning of the 20th century. Repeatedly built and divided into apartments during the Soviet era, the building did not attract residents for a happy life between the firewalls of higher buildings. And already in 2021, according to the project, the "sealing" of the gap in the row building was implemented with a building with modern facades, but with the preservation of the outline and facades of the villa, which was previously the only building on this site from the AVR Development company. Today, you can see here a residential complex, a medical center, and even the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Moldova.


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