Roman Petryk's exhibition "Shrines of Ukraine"

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From January 4 to February 4, the State Memorial Museum of Mykhailo Hrushevsky will host the exhibition "Shrines of Ukraine".

The exhibition presents more than 40 works by Roman Petryk. "Graphic art is one of the oldest forms of art. The first images of contours and silhouettes of animals and people on the walls of caves were graphic drawings. Many decorative and applied things created in the Neolithic and Bronze Age, the Renaissance, etc. are also examples of graphic art.

The word "grapho" - translated from Greek - means "writing". Compared to painting, graphics have certain conventions, it is sparing and concise. The main means of depiction in graphics are line, stroke, dot, the play of contrast, light and shadow. Pencil, charcoal, ink, sauce, etc. are used for graphic works. This distinguishes graphics from painting, which uses a diverse palette of colours. Graphics are used quite widely. Its types and forms are very diverse: easel and school drawing, print (all types of engraving and lithography), book illustration and ornamentation, magazine and newspaper drawing, poster, poster, advertising and label, banknotes and postage stamps, and postcards.

In my first works a special place is given to the image of wooden churches. The church is a special component and an integral part of the nationality and spiritual mentality of the Ukrainian nation. It has always been a source of restoration, protection and demonstration of Ukrainian traditions, rites and customs. The church is not only a shrine for every Christian, who sees in the temple the dwelling of God and the way to salvation, but also the "spiritual", without which life, creativity and the choice of the right path on earth is impossible.

The building of the temple embodies the pure source from which the Ukrainian people draw inspiration for further struggle, creativity and imagination for creation, love, gentle nature and strength to identify themselves as a great nation. In our time, we need to turn more to history, traditions and, especially, to the spiritual sphere. Studying and analyzing the events of the past, we will learn to appreciate and cherish those moral, ethical and social virtues that are promoted and implemented through the church. Looking back into the past, we see that no culture and no society can exist in harmony, prosperity, and love without the influence of spiritual norms and rules.

The church is the largest and most valuable religious attribute and symbol that should be remembered, promoted and highlighted in all art projects. Many of the depicted buildings no longer exist, and a large number are in a state of disrepair. Therefore, dear Ukrainians, let us not be indifferent to what our great-grandfathers built, let us preserve Our history. Because who else but us?" - Roman Petryk says.

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