Gwara restaurant

  • Restaurant
  • Near city center

32 Brativ Rohatyntsiv St.


Every day: 10:00-23:00

Working Hours

We do not know for sure what is more important - stories or the taste, but we also believe that both of them may already be known to someone and unusual for someone else. Like this city, for someone - only a photo on the background in front of ancient facades, and for someone else – the air, the love and life. This city is a genius loci itself. Without it, nothing would have happened. The paths, traditions, tastes and private stories are interwoven here; here are city geniuses and freaks; here is its language and food, (after all, as everywhere).

So as it turned out: there is something to tell and something to taste. At the tables with old friends and new acquaintances, with a glass of wine or a glass of beer, a good food and conversation.

And all this Babylon takes place around our "cornerstone" - an ancient bastion, and everything here is wrapped up in Lviv dialect – Gwara. In honor of which we called our restaurant.


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