Teplyi piec

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  • Near city center
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Пн-Чт 10:00 - 22:00

Пт-Нд 11:00 - 23:00

Working Hours

Piec in the words of native Lvivians, is not just a little stove; it's a center of warmth and comfort. And "Teplyi Pyets" is not just an establishment; it's warm conversations with friends, cozy evenings, pleasant gatherings, delicious dishes, and familiar faces from childhood.

What's more, you have an incredible opportunity to visit a place with a unique and original interior featuring a collection of antique Lviv stoves - pyets, the tiles of which were handmade from clay, and there are over 27 of them here! Two rooms, each accommodating up to 25 people. A wide selection of Galician dishes, pleasant music, an atmosphere filled with the secrets of each stove from the restaurant's collection, which preserve the history and a piece of the old Lviv's soul!



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