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The best Lviv liqueur! He won’t give up and she won’t refuse!

The best Lviv liqueur is an integral part of old Lviv. Drunk cherry has long been produced in every Lviv house. Every Lviv housewife made such liqueur and every lady knew its taste. The liqueur was so delicious that no woman, regardless of age, could resist its taste. Girlfriends, who got together to have a gossip about the lads, always tasted liqueur.

Lviv lads quickly learned that recipe, and for all the dates or strolls, they took a flask of Drunk Cherry. And no lady could refuse.

The drink is tasty and jollifies you quickly. It is made based on a traditional Halychyna recipe using the best distillate with selected cherries. It ideally suits the dates and other adventures with women. It has been helping the lads to find their love ever since 1896.


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