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In Lviv, a restaurant of Middle Eastern cuisine called Ayda has opened, created by the makers of Akhali. Your children will say about it in a few years: "My parents met here."

The atmosphere of the establishment contributes to this. It is very cozy, so you will feel at home. It's a pleasant place to spend time with loved ones, friends, or colleagues.


Table reservation or by phone at +380 (67) 705 35 25

Regarding the cuisine and top dishes: In Aida's menu, you'll find the most delicious and vibrant dishes of Middle Eastern cuisine adapted to a modern urban recipe and presentation.

  • Chebureks
  • Yantiks
  • Pilaf (Plov)
  • Lagman

And what is Middle Eastern cuisine without grilled meats? Lamb chops, shish kebabs, and skewers of beef, lamb, and chicken - your mouth will water from the smoky aroma alone, not to mention when you start eating.

For children, a cool kids' room has been created where little ones express their creativity and make friends. Both parents and children will surely enjoy this space, and soon, Sunday workshops are also planned.


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