Yavoriv National Nature Park

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Yavoriv National Nature Park is a unique protected area.

If you want to change the urban stone jungle and the roar of car engines for outdoor recreation, Yavoriv National Nature Park will be a great idea. Spacious territory, ponds where you can swim, clean air and hiking trails - this is about this location. In the park, you can see many rare plants and animals listed in the Ukrainian Red Book and unique monuments of sacred art.

Яворівський національний природний парк

General information

Yavoriv National Nature Park was established on July 4, 1998, in the central part of the Ukrainian Roztochia. The main objectives: nature protection, research, recreation and ecological and educational activities. Yavoriv National Nature Park is a part of the Roztochia International Biosphere Reserve, which stretches across Ukraine and Poland and operates under the auspices of UNESCO.   

Its territory covers an area of 7108 hectares. This space is characterized by the diversity of ecosystems and includes wetlands, rivers and forests. Here there is a rare combination of pine-beech-oak woods, which is a unique phenomenon within the whole of Ukraine.

Yavoriv National Park is popular among tourists. It is ideal for walking and cycling; you can swim in the reservoirs and visit religious sites. Staying at this location is an opportunity to attend master classes and get acquainted with the glorious pages of the past.

Яворівський національний природний парк
Яворівський національний природний парк

 Impressive and unique the park

The main European watershed passes through the Yavoriv National Nature Park. Rivers that flow into the Black and Baltic Seas originate on its slopes.

Yavoriv National Park is a folk pharmacy. There are more than 200 species of medicinal plants in it.

Яворівський національний природний парк

Interesting facts

  • In Yavoriv National Nature Park, there is a Center for the breeding and saving of the descendants of wild horses - tarpans, which are genetically related to the tarpan. These animals lived in Ukraine in ancient times but died out about a hundred years ago. Today there are eight such horses in the park. You can visit the centre and ride horses.
  • The territory of this nature conservation institution is home to the long-tailed owl and white-tailed eagle listed in the Ukrainian Red Book.
  • The European elk is a significant representative of the Roztochia fauna. It is also listed in the Ukrainian Red Book, and the number of elk in the park is increasing annually.
Яворівський національний природний парк
Яворівський національний природний парк

  • Yavoriv National Nature Park is a variety of plants. The local flora is both ancient and rare plants. For example, a mighty oak on the Ivan Franko Ecological Trail is more than 300 years old.
  • Instead, on the waters of the Vereshchytsia River, you can see floating Salvinia - a Red Book fern also found in North Africa and Asia.

To fully experience the atmosphere of the unique nature of the Roztochia region and enjoy the beauty, you need to visit this location and see everything with your own eyes.

Яворівський національний природний парк
Яворівський національний природний парк

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