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Lviv Polytechnic National University has the largest number of students among the educational institutions of the city

The monumental building of the main campus was built in 1873-1877 (architect Julian Zachariewicz). Its facade is adorned with a sculptural composition, symbolizing Engineering Science, Architecture and Mechanics, which are three main faculties that used to be in the main building from the beginning.

The Latin inscription ‘Litteris et Artibus’ literally means ‘For Science and Crafts’. There is the famous bridge built according to a project of Maximilian Tullier in the park surrounding the main building. It was the first reinforced concrete construction in Europe, which was installed in honor of the opening of the National Exhibition in 1894. Nowadays, it is used as a symbolic place during various ceremonies.

Among the famous graduates and employees of the Polytechnic University were Józef Baczewski, Tadeusz Obmiński, Julian Zachariewicz, Stepan Bandera, Konstantin Karandieiev, Opanas Andriievskyi, Ivan Levinskyi.

                                                                                          Author Ihor Lylo
                                                                                          Translated by A. Kushch


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