Bernardine Monastery and St. Andrew's Church

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3A, Soborna Sq. Address

Bernardine Monastery and St. Andrew's Church - unique monument in the history of Lviv where you can still feel the spirit of the Middle Ages.

It is one of the oldest temple complexes in the city. Construction of it began in the late 15th century. For a long time Bernardine Monastery served as an external defense outpost, since it was located outside the city walls.

The church of St. Andrew was built at the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries, led by different architects and influenced by different architectural styles: in the Renaissance style by Pavlo Rymlianyn, in Mannerism by Amvrosii Prykhylnyi, and completed in Baroque by Andreas Bemer.

Unique interior of the temple was decorated with frescoes by the monk Benedykt Mazurkevych in 1738–1740. It is striking with its baroque ornaments and gilding.

In 1784 the Austrian authorities established the "Archive of the Lviv city" in the monastery premises.

The modern Central State Historical Archive is the largest in Ukraine. Nowadays the Church of Andrew is a functioning Greek Catholic church.


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