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The main building of Lviv is a symbol of freedom and community self-government. The City Hall was originally wooden, but since 1372 it has already been made of stone; it had a tower, from which the trumpeter was ensuring the security, announcing significant events in the city and measuring the time. There were located the city government, the court, as well as the prison, the room for controlling measures and weights. The City Hall in Renaissance style was disassembled in 1826, after its tower had collapsed.

Construction of a new building designed by architects Jozef Markl and Franz Trescher began immediately. At first Lviv citizens didn’t like the appearance of the building and called it "a great disgusting chimney." However, over time, citizens accepted the building.

Nowadays both the City Hall and the tower with the mechanical clock that has been working since 1851 are accessible to visitors. In order to reach the roof of the tower you have to climb up to 350 steps.

                                                                                         Author Ihor Lylo
                                                                                         Translated by A. Kushch


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