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Konovalets Museum. Igor Seletsky about the museum and Zashkiv

Lviv Tourism Office


A team Lviv Tourism Office conversed with the head of the museum of Yevhen Konovalets about reasons reasons to visit Zashkiv, that located  30 km from the center of Lviv. 

The Yevhen Konovalets Museum is today a department of the Museum of Liberation Struggles of the Lviv Historical Museum dedicated to Yevhen Konovalets, which was established in 1991 on the 100th anniversary of the birth leader of the Sich Riflemen.

On the idea and museum

- I had an idea to improve the museum, I planned to create an establishment with reading rooms in the yard. Not far from the museum, 2 km from here, there was a house from1907, In that house, Konovalets gave his first lecture and later made it a center of public life. So, this house I have transferred here. (*shows the paper project and the house from the window)

- And I would like to resume function in this room, where would be an illustration of Zashkiv during Konovalets' stay in the family nest. That is, until 1914 when he went to the front in the Austrian army. Finally, the house would have to be divided into two parts: one is the owners' room, and the other is the reading house. However, due to the lack of funding, this project has not yet been implemented.

- Here, in the family home, we conduct excursions, 30 UAH adult tickets, children’s less, but not including an excursion. Price 100 UAH excursion for everyone. Also, we can arrange a walking tour of Zashkiv. We have another unique location-a mill (early twentieth century). It has three floors, fully equipped and in the theory, it can be run. There is equipment, interesting Austrian mechanisms of the end and the beginning of the last century.

- What you can see inside? So, it's a living room where is presented the exposition of the young years. In the period of Yevhen Konovalets's youth, Zashkiv became a center of public activity and Konovalets managed to create a model of a successful Ukrainian village in the conditions of statelessness. There were cooperatives, 7 public organizations, festivals, credit unions. Everything was happening here. Ukrainians rose compare to Poles, Germans, and Jews. They became the first mover until the 14th year.

- Among the exhibits, you can see copies of educational documents. Also, the house placed an office of the Konovalets family during the war. Did you know that Yevhen Konovalets commanded an army, that consist of 45,000 divisional troops in the period after Hetman? He was a corps chieftain, that is, a general!

• During the anti-Hetman uprising, Konovalets defeated a 10-fold overwhelming number of the enemy. It was 1:10 near Motovylivka, and the Sich riflemen coped with the Russian officers. 600 against 6 thousand.
• The museum contains some literature that Konovalets could use. By the way, he knew 8 languages.
• The living room, study, kitchen, and bedroom are open for viewing in the Konovalets Museum.

- There is located a blown-up monument in the yard. This was done on June 14, 1991, by a special group of the Soviet army. 10 people with assault rifles attacked students who were guarding him here unarmed. They threw a gasbag with explosives on the back of the monument... ran to where the trees are now, an APC approached and took them away.

Zashkiv: historical heritage and mill

- There is a three-year Austrian school, in Zashkiv. It was built as "compensation" to Zashkov for the construction of the railway. Today there is a post office, living quarters and a shop. At that time, the school was an important building.

- And this is the mill I have mentioned earlier. There is still a turbine, I took a picture of it. These are photos of the mill: the 3rd floor, sieves, and the left half, which is boarded up, was a hotel part with 2 floors. And mill conference was held 3 years ago, it brought together the Dutch, the Germans.

- On the wall inside, near the window, it is written who owed what. And some Polish announcement was ripped off. There is still a basement. On the ground floor, there are wired wooden mechanisms, a turbine stopper. There is a millstone mechanism in the left rear corner, that is the faucet that removed a millstone. Those millstones are small, but look on these millstones are big. It can be run. Here is a winnow even.

- In Zashkiv once was a copy of the Cossack seagull of the XVII century. I sailed on our lake, on oars. It was built by Miron Humanetsky, who will paddle across the Atlantic.

- And along the river, was the German colony.

Call Igor Seletsky to arrange a tour +380985478117

The publication was made within the project of research and development of tourist potential of the Lviv territorial community by the Lviv Tourism Office team

Oleksiy Fedak, Vira Yavorska, Vitaliy Kulyk, Oleh Zvarych, Halyna Kuchmanych

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