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Dungeons in Lviv


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Dungeons in Lviv. Without Splinter, but with Prince Leo.

Bartłomiej Zymorowicz wrote "Triple Lviv", where he described Lviv as Rus', German, and Polish. Many people disagree with this and say that Lviv is not triple, but diverse. There is something to this. Especially from the point of view of visitors to the city. They hear about princely Lviv, Gothic Lviv, Austrian Lviv, Lviv from above, underground Lviv, etc. The latter is particularly mysterious and unforgettable.

Підземелля Гарнізонного храму

A dungeon and an empty sarcophagus. Dungeons and museums

The centre of Lviv has a large number of ancient buildings with spacious dungeons. This applies to residential buildings, outbuildings, and sacred buildings. The dungeons of ancient churches and monasteries are large in size, so they are often adapted into museums. This is the case with the dungeon of the Garrison Church of Saints Peter and Paul of the UGCC. A unique museum space was opened under the former Jesuit church, where we can see the foundations of 16th-century buildings, models of Lviv, and the sarcophagus of an 18th-century archbishop.

A visit to the dungeon of the former Dominican monastery on Muzeina Square will be no less unforgettable. You will learn about the history of the complex, the mystery of Prince Lev's chambers, and the fascinating story of the heiress of the Ostroh family, whose hand was sought by influential nobles. The dungeon of the Transfiguration Church of the UGCC, where the Lviv Ancient Museum with an interactive exhibition is located, will be interesting for children and adults. "The Museum of the City, located under the City Hall, the Museum of Ideas, located under the former Bernardine Monastery, and the Museum of Glass, located near Rynok Square, will surprise you with creative ideas and an approach to the formation of the exposition.

Pharmacy museums are also popular in Lviv. In the old days, there were many pharmaceutical establishments in the city, and the history of the oldest of them dates back to 1735. This is the museum-pharmacy "Under the Black Eagle". Here you can buy medicines, it is a working pharmacy, and you can also learn about the history of pharmacy and see the dungeons. You can also feel the spirit of antiquity and learn about pharmacy in an interactive way in the "Secret Pharmacy"

Львів стародавній
Музей скла
Таємна аптека
Копальня кави

Coffee growing on the walls. Underground café & restaurants.

Underground venues are a world unto themselves. Some people like this idea, others complain and condemn it, but no one remains indifferent. Tourists from all over Ukraine and even from different parts of the world come to Lviv to taste the steamed coffee made in the coffee mine. You can also see the famous coffee growing on the walls in this place.

Копальня кави
Копальня кави

A visit to the Kryivka is an unforgettable experience. This establishment operates in the dungeon of an authentic townhouse on Rynok Square, and thematically plays on the atmosphere of the UPA hideout. If you like medieval themes, visit the Fifth Dungeon. Under the former city arsenal, there is the Rebernia, which every decent tourist has to stand in line to visit. Instead, the Trapezna Idei, located under the former Bernardine monastery, will delight you with Galician cuisine and a cosy atmosphere.

If you're interested in the latter, you should visit the Lvivarnya Museum and Cultural Complex of Beer History. It is quite far from the centre, but it is worth a visit. The history of brewing is presented here from the beginning to the present day. Beer and monks, beer and women's emancipation - all in an interactive way. Don't forget about tasting - Lvivarnya offers this opportunity!

П'яте підземелля

A mysterious world. Closed and forgotten dungeons

There is an amazing underground world under Lviv. It is increasingly being explored and shown. In particular, bomb shelters from the Second World War. There are some of them under some city squares, in the slopes of the High Castle, etc.

The underground world of Lviv is also a collector, which is the only one that has the opportunity to see the Lviv river, Poltva. You can use the collector to move from one district of the city to another, to assess the level of engineering and technological achievements of ancient times, and all this is underground. By the way, the researchers found a place where Jews were hiding during the war. The dungeon was their salvation.

Полтва. Львів
Полтва - підземна річка Львова
Підземний Львів

Between dream and reality.

The locations listed in this text are not all of Lviv's dungeons. This world is really rich and unique. There are dungeons under ancient temples and townhouses, and one can only guess at the size of the underground kingdom under, for example, the citadel. These locations are still waiting for their researchers.

There is also information about a large tourist underground route that will connect several locations. The project is certainly ambitious and pompous. Time will tell how practical it is.


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