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#TRAVELUKRAINE from Lviv-Drohobych-Tustan

Oleksii Fedak


Many Ukrainians discover interesting places nearby, satisfying the need for rest and travel, during the close borders. Our own country ceases to be as terra incognita. More and more domestic tourists amazed by the beauty along and posts in social networks sign said: “Do you know that we have this?”. You don’t have to travel far from Lviv to discover something new and beautiful. That is why we offer a route and locations in the south of Lviv region: Drohobych, Truskavets, Boryslav, Skhidnytsia, Tustan.


The medieval city of the manifold story that grows steadily tourist demand. This is due to the local creative initiatives and promotion of unique attractions.

How to get there from Lviv:

  • By train №041П: Lviv 08:53 – Drohobych 10:25 (travel time 1.5 hours);
  • By electric train №6011 Lviv 13:36 – Drohobych 15:41 (travel time 2 hours);
  • By bus from Sq. Palace from 06:00 every 15-20 minutes;
  • By car on T1416.


  • The tourist information centre in the city of Town Hall (don’t forget to take a map!); 
  • The observation deck at the Town Hall to get acquainted with the panorama of the city
  • The local Saltworks, which many European publications date as one of the oldest operating; companies in Europe!
  • Church (even two in one), which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (late XV century.).
  • Incredible paintings and even ancient maps on the walls are waiting for you;
  • One of the oldest churches in Galicia;
  • Choral Synagogue.


  • Coffee with Drohobych salt in the gastro-café “Watermelon”;
  • Coffee in a pot in the “Local”;
  • Lunch at the restaurant “Doshka”.


Pixel art images of Ivan Franko, Yuri Drohobych, Bruno Schultz.

Truskavets. City of health

One of the most popular resort destinations in Western Ukraine. Here you will find a large selection of high-quality hotels. Guests of Truskavets have a unique opportunity to try the legendary healing water “oil”.


  • Adamivka and Pidhirya Park with beautiful landscapes;
  • Pump room of mineral waters №1 in the center of Truskavets;
  • Wellspring №11. “Yuzya” with special healing authorities;
  • And it is impossible not to see the museum of Mykhailo Bilas;
  • Truskavet’s Spa salons.


  • Coffee in the morning on the roof of the Lviv chocolate workshop in the center of Truskavets;
  • Ravioli on the terrace of the Dolce Vita restaurant;
  • Mirotel's restaurants.


A monument to Adam Mickiewicz in one of the city parks (hint above).

Get there:

Logistics will not be important because the city is next to the railway station after Drohobych and only 11 km away.


Boryslav. It all started with oil

The "Galician California" or the city of oil, ozokerite, and gas. Borislav is located in the fields. At the end of the XIX century, the city became the centre of oil production in Galicia, which became the third region in the world for oil production (5%).

How to get there?

  • Excursion to the museum of oil and gas;
  • Modern ski resort "Bukovytsia". 

Find oil rocking chairs in Boryslav Park of Culture and Recreation.

Taste coffee in the cafe-museum of oil "Barabsky Bridge".

Skhidnytsia. Balneological (medical) resort

The resort town near Borislav is not only a great location for rest and recovery but also treatment. There are many wellsprings with healing water among the landscape parks. Choosing a place to live will not be a problem, because in Skhidnytsia there are many hotels, estates, and wellness centres.

Visit at least 3 mineral springs. Detailed description

A good option for recreation is the banks of the Stryi River.


Tustan. Rock city-fortress

A unique place of natural and historical beauty. In the Middle Ages, there was a rock fortification, a trading outpost leading from Drohobych to Western Europe. The fortifications have not survived to this day, but the rocks are certainly one of the wonders of the country. In addition to routes on the rocks, we recommend that you visit the museum, where you can fly over the rocks on a VR-paraglider.

Getting from Skhidnytsia to Tustan will not be a problem on the newly repaired road.

You can relax and taste the local cuisine at the new food court near the fortress city.


These are just the main interesting cities and places on the way from Drohobych to Tustan, travel and turn your native terra incognita into explored and discovered.




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