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Tourist information centre was created with love and care for the guests of our city to make a comfortable and interesting stay in Odesa.

We gladly provide you with information on attractions, infrastructure Odesa, cultural and entertainment establishments, hotel and recreational places of our city, events, and festivals. We provide you with a free city map and other information materials.

Tourist information centre is a municipal company and provides excursion services accompanied by tour guides who have the necessary and official certificates. Our specialists annually develop many new sightseeing routes in Odesa. The main task of our Center is information support and tourism industry coordination of Odesa because it is very important for us that you have the best impressions of our friendly city, sunny Odesa.


Odesa is the city you want to return to, wherever you are, wherever you live. Odesa is known for its unusual stories, humor, talented, ardent, and witty locals. The beaches, Odesa courtyards, Jewish conversations, jokes, Opera and Ballet Theater, and Potemkin Stairs - all this creates a modern and unique Odesa. This is a city where tourists come from all over the world and Ukraine to sunbathe on the beaches of the Black Sea. Odesa has been and remains an international city from the first day of its foundation.

Unlock Odesa to yourself where the stormy Black Sea combined with quiet green boulevards, where the question is answered, where people like telling jokes and learn to treat everything philosophically, with a sense of irony. Walkthrough the glorious streets, breathe in the sea aroma, and flowering acacia. Just observe and absorb everything that is called Odesa. And you will like it!

What must be done in Odesa?

Count the Potemkin Stairs steps

Potemkin stairs are among the ten most beautiful stairs in Europe. Today, the staircase consists of 192 steps (at first there were exactly two hundred, but with the expansion of the port eight steps were lost) and a dozen spans. The Potemkin stairs length is 142 m. They are created by perspective - their base (21.7 m wide) is much wider than the upper part (12.5 m), so when you look at the stairs from above, you get the impression of the same width along the entire length. The stair parapets seem parallel and only the platforms are visible (except for the upper march). When viewed from below, the stairs seem much longer and only a continuous cascade of steps is visible.


Visit the Langeron promenade.

Today Langeron is a favorite place for locals to walk at any time of the year or day, where you can feed seagulls, cool off at sea on a hot day, or enjoy a wonderful sunset with your loved one.

Learn the Odesa catacombs legends

Odesa catacombs - a phenomenon fanned by many puzzles and legends. These are underground passages of various origins and destinations. Most of the Odesa catacombs are old quarry mines, from which stone was mined for the city construction. It is sometimes difficult even for the locals to understand the interweaving of underground cavities of various origins. Undergrounds contain interesting traces of city past eras. And the very stay in the catacombs will bring an unforgettable experience.


Visit Odesa Opera and Ballet Theatre

According to Forbes magazine's rating, the building of Odesa National Opera and Ballet Theatre is included in the list of 11 most interesting sights of Eastern Europe (2008). It is the only theatre on the list. Magnificence and luxury strike the interior of the theatre. Details in the Baroque style take us to a wonderful world, "aimed at creating spiritual ecstasy," as correctly noted in one of the articles about the theatre. Generously gilded stucco molding, magnificent sculpture, many mirrors - all this tends to tear a person out of everyday life and immerse in the magical world of music and theatre.


Meet the dawn in Arkadia

Arcadia - Mecca of night and club life in Ukraine. Club life in Odesa will give odds to most major cities of Ukraine, and in the summer, Odesa is inferior only to Spanish Ibiza. Numerous large and famous night clubs, popular not only among residents and guests of the city but also throughout the world, attract thousands of tourists throughout the summer. Arcadia and its surrounding streets are full of many entertaining attractions. The whole area is filled with greenery and full of vibrant colours and impressions.


Take a walk around Turkey and Greece in the downtown of Odesa.

At the foot of Prymorskyi Boulevard, Odesa's favourite pedestrian artery, there are unusual green corners - Istanbul and Greek parks, united by a tunnel under the famous Potemkin Stairs.  Istanbul Park is a very well-kept green area with a picturesque landscape design, where there are many comfortable benches, gazebos, recreation areas with tables, children's and sports grounds, a pump room, and a unique fountain - Diana's Grotto.  Its garden neighbor to the left of the Potemkin Stairs - Greek Park - thanks to the city from the Greek diaspora in Odesa. Here you can see copies of ancient Greek sculptures from the famous Acropolis Museum, the fountain "Beginning of Beginnings" which symbolizes the universe and many other artifacts from Greek mythology.

Open the door to the house of the Sun

An unusual sculpture “House of the Sun” in the form of old Odesa doors with the inscription “Domus Solis” is installed on the Langeron embankment. The doors are open to the east and through them, in the morning you can watch the sunrise, in a hurry to warm the heart of Odesa - the Black Sea. In bronze sights, a wooden prototype is a door, the life of which stretched over two centuries. In the 19th century, they decorated the front door of the house on 21 Rishelyevska Street. Here they make the most secret desires, which will come true.


Take a selfie with urban sculptures

Odesa is a city open to art, provided modern sculptors with their streets as an exhibition hall for the implementation of art objects. They harmoniously fit into the urban space, without violating the well-established architectural ensembles. Here is the “banker from Derybasivska” and multi-colored giant snails, walk near the beach at the fourteenth station of Fountain, and the Odesa “dreamer” on the embankment between the fifteenth and sixteenth stations of the Big Fountain, and many other interesting sculptures.

Find Odesa cats

Cats for residents have always been not just animals, but full-fledged residents of the city. In Odesa, there are a lot of them and they all look quite well-fed. Freedom-loving fluffies cats live mainly in Odesa courtyards, port docks, and in the famous Pryvoz market. But they playfully hide around the loud city, inviting them to find themselves.

Feel the sea breeze at the Vorontsov colonnade

The gazebo with columns in the antique style is one of the symbols of Odesa. It is also called the rotunda and the belvedere. It was built in 1826-1828 as the orangery of the Vorontsov Palace by architect F. Boffo.

The colonnade stands on the very cliff of the hill, from where a breathtaking view of the Odesa Gulf opens, the silhouettes of port cranes and docks on the coast. Illuminated by ten pairs of columns of the Doric order, a curved white colonnade is visible from the sea when approaching the city.

The main events of the city

Odesa International Film Festival

Odesa International Film Festival is a unique event in its scale and significance. Every year, hundreds of famous figures in the film industry come to the festival from all over the world. Traditionally, the film festival takes place in the summer, on those days when Odesa is the sunniest and most hospitable. During the festival week, Odesa turns into a great film set,  the city center is filled with tourists, famous artists, directors, producers, musicians, and those people who are connected with cinema. Every year, the organizers invite to Odesa to the festival of famous actors, directors, and critics as special guests.

Odessa Classics Festival

With the beginning of summer, hospitable Odesa is open to all fans of classical music and invites to the grand Odesa Classics Festival. The event always captivates with scale and vibrant program. The European level, the participants are known and the amazing atmosphere will leave an unforgettable experience. Since 2015, the festival brings together leading artists and musicians, as well as fans of concerts of live classical music. Odesa Classics is not only a delight for connoisseurs but also a great place for the development of musical tastes of youth. Therefore, this event is a must for a visit by the whole family. Join high art together!

Humor Holiday

Odesa Humoryna is an annual traditional holiday of humor and laughter. This day in Odesa is usually declared a day off. There are held a carnival procession along Derybasivska, a gala concert on one of the main squares, as well as concerts of comedians from other countries and Ukraine. Thousands of people come to Humoryna Holiday in Odesa. It is one of the most beloved city holidays, along with City Day and New Year.

City Day

September 2 is one of the main events in the life of the city - Odesa's Birthday. The celebration begins a couple of days earlier for traditional festivals.  Most often, a large number of diverse events dedicated to the memory of the city are held. Celebratory concert programs with the participation of creative groups, exhibitions of children's creativity, master classes, sports competitions, exhibitions, and fairs are held in all areas of Odesa. A vivid concert program with famous artists is a must, and colourful fireworks complete the celebration.


I want to Odesa Festival

In the events calendar of Odesa, there are more than two hundred events a year and it is very difficult to visit all of them. Therefore, once a year Odesa presents all the festivals in one package. Tour-festival “I want to Odesa” is a large-scale event uniting several festivals of various directions.

The “I want to Odesa” festivals parade is a bright, colourful, large-scale event uniting a huge number of festivals and events of various kinds. These days, there are numerous cultural events, sports, music, dance, intellectual festivals, cooking and vocals contests, bike and car races that turn Odesa into a solid festival venue.


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