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From Lviv to Zhovkva. How to Get There and Why do You Need to See It?

Oleksii Fedak


The question about interesting small towns with historical heritage is very frequent at the Tourist Information Center (about one day trip to mountains you can read here). Zhovkva is a great example of Renaissance architecture. It will amaze you with its local identity and rich multicultural heritage.

What to see?

Zhovkva Castle

The Renaissance monument is the main reason to visit Zhovkva.

It was founded by the state and military figure of the Commonwealth - Stanisław Żółkiewski in 1594. He was also the founder of the Jesuit College in Lviv.

Nowadays, functions as a department of the Voznytskyi Lviv National Art Gallery.

Working hours:

Tuesday - Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Sunday: 12 p.m.-5 p.m.

Day off: Monday.

Contacts: +380 32 522 2549

St. Lawrence's Church

The monument was erected by architects Pavlo Shchaslyvyi and Ambrosio Pryhylnyi. They also designed the Golden Rose Synagogue in Lviv. The church was the center of important ceremonies in the Commonwealth during the reign of John III Sobieski. Tombs of the Żółkiewski, Danylovych and Sobieski families, whose representatives were one of the founders, are still enclosed inside the church.

A school and an abbey were established in the church in the middle of the XVIII century, but later they were abolished by the Austrian authorities.

Contacts: +380 32 526 1358

Rynok Square

The Market Square is a symbol of every city that was once privileged by Magdeburg law. 

It is also called the Vicheva Square. This place is special due to the amazing Renaissance architecture in the residential area.

You may notice how different it is in comparison with other cities. You can see the remains of the "pinger" - a pillar of shame on the main square.

Defense Synagogue

It is an important architectural landmark not only in the context of the city's history, but also for its unique Jewish heritage. The synagogue was one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe at the time of its construction.

It was built in the Renaissance style in the late XVII century. The community of Zhovkva received the right to build thanks to the Archbishop of Lviv. The synagogue was named  "defensive" because of its solid walls. Perhaps, it was used as a tower for artillery.

You need to buy a ticket at the Zhovkva Castle Visit Center in order to enter the Synagogue. Adult Tickets - 6 UAH, child's ticket - 3 UAH. You can also book an excursion - 40 UAH.

The Basilian Church

The main Ukrainian church of the city. The stone temple designed in the Renaissance style. Its was built in the beginning XVII century. Subsequently, a monastery was opened at the church.

The interior is decorated with a unique painting by artists from a local baroque school. Murals with national elements in secession style by Yulian Botsmaniuk are particularly interesting.

Contacts: +380 32 526 1908

How to get there?

By Train

(Departure from Local Train Station)

Train № 6002.

Departure from Lviv at 9:15 a.m. - arrival to Zhovkva at 10:34 a.m.

Train №  6003.

Departure from Zhovkva at 5:45 p.m. - arrival to Lviv at 7:10 p.m.


By Bus

We recommend you to use the EasyWay web page or app to find bus schedules or locations.

First you need to get to the «Bus Station №2» (North Bus Station). You can get there  from the city center by bus (number 53). You can buy a ticket from Lviv to Zhovkva at the Bus Station ticket offices. (Bus numbers 151, 295, 560, 572, 574, 576, 577, 598).


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