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16 February






Hollywood...The moment you say it dozents of memories of favorite movies flash in your head. You
can already hear the music, right? Are you ready for an adventure with your favorite characters?

After all, we admire them and your hearts miss beats with each frame. We relate to their stories as
our own, because they make us dream and act...

Adventures of crazy spies and brave warriors, magical love stories, epic wars, travels through time and space. For someone their favorite Hollywood hero is the Gladiator, and for someone Indiana Jones, someone has fallen in love with the Pirates of the Caribbean, or plunged into an Impossible Mission. Or maybe it`s Avatar for you? And what about the famous heroine Audrey Hepburn of Tiffany`s Breakfast?

Specially for you we have prepared a selection of Oscar-winning music masterpieces performed by
our favorite Academic Symphony Orchestra.

We keep our soloists, that will add spiciness to the Hollywood concert with their singing and play of unique instruments, as a secret to intrigue you even more. Two years we have been waiting for Hollywood to return to the Philharmonic! You have to hear it!

Only 2 concerts on February 16, Lyudkevych Concert Hall, Lviv National Philharmonic.

Come to listen and feel! We have prepared many surprises! Give yourself a holiday!

Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
Serhiy Khorovets - conductor (Ukraine)


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