Concert "Naoni Orchestra - Rock hits and soundtracks!"

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23 April


6.00 pm


The incredible NAONI will celebrate its 55th anniversary!

On April 23, the Lviv Opera will play authentic folk instruments, celebrating the anniversary of the unique orchestra NAONI!
Banduras, cymbals, kobzas, violins, basolya, lyre, tylinka, cuckoos, piper, kozobass, trumpet, Cossack trumpet, bugai, floyara, Poltava horn, bagpipe, drimba, ruble and rocking chair, tambourine, birch tree and others, this is what make the NAONI orchestra unique in the world.

The event, which will take place on April 23 in the heart of Lviv, will enchant with its sound, will combine the dimensions of classics and modernity. Since 1969, when the orchestra was founded and NAONI's first rehearsal took place, several generations and composition of the orchestra have changed. What remains unchanged is that, for 55 years, NAONI has been a powerful community of ardent enthusiasts, unsurpassed masters of their craft and true patriots who firmly hold the defense on the cultural front of Ukraine! And now, during the large-scale invasion of Russia, NAONI, under the leadership of artistic director and chief conductor Viktor Hutsal, powerfully supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine, visiting soldiers with concerts, raising the fighting spirit of our Heroes!

Another important event adds to the solemnity of the concert at the Lviv National Opera - the 80th anniversary of Viktor Omelyanovich Hutsal! Of course, many bright artists of Ukrainian culture will gather to congratulate the maestro and his beloved NAONI, many of whom we will see not only in the auditorium, but also on stage!

Yes, it is impossible in 2 hours to show all the best that NAONI has achieved for 55 years of fruitful creative work, but nothing is impossible for them.

Dear friends, we invite you to attend this grand event, the memories of which you will keep for many years!

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