Concert of BG and "Aquarium"

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11 February


Malevych Night Club




Meet in your city! Boris Grebenshchikov and the “Aquarium” band.

Philosophy that has passed through the generations. Lyrics that rose through the stones and thorns of the
freedom-loving and protest rock and roll. Thoughts that strive far beyond all worldly and everyday vanity.
All this is him - the legendary Boris Grebenshchikov!

The unique music of the “Aquarium” is not just live, but continues to open up new borders in the lyrics of
ballads, ebullient rock&roll and philosophical reggae. It is remarkable that neither the group nor its founder BG have become a retro group, despite more than a solid creative path. Their music is lively and fresh, because the team is constantly experimenting with form and sound, finding new notes and touching the soul strings of both loyal fans and those who are just discovering rock and roll.

The new program of BG and the "Aquarium" is called "Door of the Grass" - in honor of his song of the same
name, which in 2017 was released in a completely new arrangement.

Boris Borisovich himself repeatedly confessed that it was this song, written a long time ago, that he failed to perform correctly and accurately. And only when the Aquarium was 45, and BG himself approached 65, did it find a true sound.


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