Voskresinnya (Resurrection)

    Address:5 Gen. Grygorenko sq.
    Phone:(032) 274-11-60
    Fax:(032) 261-63-50
  • The theatre was founded in 1990 by Yaroslav Fedoryshyn, director and producer.

    The theatre combines traditions of psychological drama with various contemporary theatre forms and genres.  Its repertoire includes international and classical plays and performances. The repertoire comprises plays by Strindberg, Chekov, Pirandello, Pinter, Shevchuk, Lesia Ukrainka, Shepard, Koltès, Byron, Wald, and original scripts by Yaroslav Fedoryshyn himself.  

    The actors work on stage and in the streets. Street performances such as "Hloriya" (Gloria), "Svyate i Hrishne" (Holy and Sinful), "Jov", and "The Cherry Orchard" captivate the audience with their particular atmosphere, the performance of the actors, and various effects that involve the spectators and make them reflect on what beauty we can discover in ourselves, and what beauty we can see around us.

    The theatre has put on 190 performances every year, but 50 to 60 of these plays are from different countries of the world.

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