Lviv Regional Puppet Theatre

    • Address:1 Danylo Halyts'ky str.
      Phone:(032) 235-58-32, 235-47-73
    • The Puppet Theatre was founded on April 15th, 1946 in Lviv.

      The first acting puppet to set up quarters in the theatre was called "Ivasyk-Telesyk", and he liked the place so much that he decided to stay on. For 50 years now, "Ivasyk-Telesyk" has been performed on stage, and has become the symbol of the theatre. 

      Over 200 performances have warmed the hearts of our young spectators. Adults can also enjoy several plays in the repertoire: "Nich pid Rizdvo" (The Night before Christmas) by M. Gogol, "Bida vid Nizhnoho Sertsia" (Sorrow from a Tender Heart) by V. Solohub, and many others. 

      More than 200,000 spectators attend performances at the theatre every year.

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