Stryisky Park

  • Stryisky Park (Parkova and Stryiska Streets) is the largest and most beautiful park in the city favoured by those who wish to go for a stroll. In this park you all find a wonderful pond with swans, a glassed greenhouse with tropical plants, and artificial castle ruins.

    We enter from Parkova Street through the graceful and exquisite Corinthian archway – and find ourselves in the place which was considered one of the most beautiful parks in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. The large glassed greenhouse of late 19th century with tropical plants stands above the artificial pond with swans. About 260 species of rare decorative plants grow around it and deeper along the main alley. One of them – an exotic tree with fan-like leaves – is the contemporary of dinosaurs. Next to the decorative cascade the tulip tree grows which comes from North America.

    In the centre of the lower parterre there is the monument to Polish national hero Jan Kilinski (1894). Deeper inside the shady alley you will find artificial castle ruins erected in the late 19th century.

    Some buildings constructed for the Territorial Exhibition of 1984 still remain in the upper part of the park. Among them there is the former Palace of Arts designed by leading architects of Lviv. Especially interesting is the unique bas-relief of the totalitarian era (1955) with ancient Cupids and an industrial urban landscape as well as remains of statues in Socialist Realism style along the main alley of the park’s upper part.

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