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Nota Bene

    Address:Polishchuka str., 78A
    Phone:+38(032)234-90-90 – рецепція, (067)855-14-71
  • Hotel “Nota Bene” is a new hotel in Lviv. It is situated not far from railway station (1.5 km) and not far from airport (2.5 km). In a walking distance there is a St.Olga and St.Elisabeth Cathedral, Cathdral of St.George. In a distance of two bus stops (or about 1.5 km) is historical part of Lviv.

    Every room is equiped with everything you need for comfortable stay. Internet Wi-Fi, bathrooms with bath or shower is in each room. There is a good view at a quite street. Some rooms have balcony. There is a guest part in rooms of higher categories.

    Price range: from 390 UAH to 1020 UAH


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