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Logo_SKYPARKтуц.jpgSky Park - children's active leisure   park .

Sky Park - children's active leisure park offers a fantastic opportunity to spend an active time   and lots of fun for your kids!

Sky Park offers such attractions:

Trampoline zone - more than 800 square meters. Divided into 3 zones, that allows   adults and children of all ages to stay simultaneously

•  15 rooms to celebrate children's birthdays

•  Foam rubber pit and a children's climbing wall

•  Area for children up to 6

•  Air guns

•  Inflatable slides

•  Swing

•  WI-FI


 Also here you will not go hungry:

•  Pizzeria

•  Cafe

Own confectionery 

•  European, Japanese, Ukrainian, Italian

Contacts Sky Park Lviv:

Lviv, 202 Stryiska Str.

Telephone: 06710833990671083399 


Workind hours:

weekdays: 12-00 - 21-00

weekends: 10-00 - 21-00



skatepark.jpgOPEN SKATE PARK:

SERVICES: skating

CONTACT: Powder Tower, Vynnychenko st.


SERVICES: skating

CONTACT: the area of the "Znesinnya" park



lP7gpHf2DFk.jpgExtreme club "Tornado" is a swirl of emotional outbursts, unrestrained heartbeat and rapid escape from everyday life!

Only with us any of your corporate event or a weekend with your friends will be original, extreme and incredibly active.


CONTACTS:, phone: +38(096) 274-64-78+38(096) 274-64-78 


123456789.jpgSERVICES: Provides information about all possible kinds of outdoor activities, clubs and organizations that provide services of mountain, water, air and land extreme sports. Database is constantly updating.


CONTACTS: phone: +38(063) 216-00-63+38(063) 216-00-63 , +38(097) 606-72-92+38(097) 606-72-92 , WEBSITE:


oBiW0v4Ir4X0.jpgActive individual and corporate vacation in the Carpathians: rafting on mountain rivers Black Cheremosh, Prut, Tisa, Stry, rafting on the Dnister and the Bug, climbing the Goverla, several days hiking in the mountains, speleo journey to the caves Mlynky and Optymistychna.

Rafting Center is a team of experienced boating, alpinism, climbing and spelunking instructors.

CONTACTS: phone: +38(063) 688-06-92+38(063) 688-06-92 , +38(097) 083-96-26+38(097) 083-96-26 



ultimate2.jpgUltimate Frisbee is a team game with a flying saucer on the grass, sand or indoors. This is a non-contact sport that combines elements of basketball and American football. both men and women can play the Ultimate. The unique feature of Ultimate is its ideology, built on respect for the contender and no judges. Even at the highest level of competition players decide all the controversies on their own without referees.


CONTACTS:, +38(067) 925-62-72+38(067) 925-62-72 , +38(093) 400-19-74+38(093) 400-19-74, +38(093) 703-97-25+38(093) 703-97-25 

Organization of expeditions for children in Lviv:

Organization of expedition - tours for groups of children with cognitive and educational purposes.


SERVICES: organization of expeditions, exhibition of more than 90 animal species of all classes, the collection of ornamental plants - more than 110 types and varieties.

CONTACTS: 12, Kubanska st. (in the district of st. Snopkivska, College of Railway Transport, Academy of Arts), phone: +38(032) 276-14-19+38(032) 276-14-19 


Quest is the Extreme-intellectual games in the night and day. The purpose of the game is to perform different tasks. The purpose of the task is to find a code that will let you go to the next task and so on to the victory. The team has a particular task with encrypted location code in the city. The code is usually painted with paint, marker or agent can give it to you at certain conditions. The audience of Quest game are active, healthy, interested in everything new people, who understand the modern communication, computers and cars. Players equipped with flashlights, mobile phones, mobile internet, laptops and GPS-navigation are moving around the city by car, bicycle or on foot and do tasks by looking for codes hidden in different places of the city.


SERVICES: Organization of quests in Lviv

CONTACTS:, +38(096) 4511700+38(096) 4511700 , ICQ 128812621, +38(067) 6747102+38(067) 6747102 , ICQ: 375661806,

Quest-room "Underground Laboratory"

Recently, in Lviv "Pivdennyi" opened another quest-room - "Underground Laboratory". The room is opened by Kyiv based company "ExitGame", which makes quests in the capital of Ukraine.
By the plot team of 2-4 people are shut in a room. Depending on the scenario, the team need to solve some puzzles to open locks and find a secret room. Feel yourself like a detective, a maniac or a hero. To do this, first you need to think logically, be careful and work as a team. For the whole game the team has 60 minutes.
Квест-кімната «Підпільна лабораторія»Квест-кімната «Підпільна лабораторія»

In "ExitGame" players have the opportunity to travel back in time and feel like a resident of Soviet Lviv in 1982. Soviet communal appartment, in which a young scientist has lived. The room is equipped with a variety of riddles, puzzles and storage after opening which you turn out in a hidden laboratory, where the young chemist carries out his experiments.

CONTACTS: Pivdennyi shopping center, Vyhovskoho street, entrance from the bus stop,, 093 073 38 22

Quest-room "Mind Games"

Escape Quest ЛьвівEscape Quest was one of the first to open the quest room in Ukraine, having started in Kiev last year. At the beginning of this year by the number of rooms Lviv is a leader. Now there are 5 rooms, "Police station" "Moriarty Riddle", "Tesla", "Joker", "A Beautiful Mind".

All rooms of Escape Quest have their own scenario and different degrees of difficulty. Newcomers are recommended to try the rooms of middle and low complexity.

Квест-кімната «Ігри розуму» Львів

Traditionally team of 2-4 people is shut in the room. Players have to get out in 60 minutes. Members looking for clues, solve puzzles, working as a team. Quests format "Escape the room" is a fascinating entertainment, trainer for the brain and a great way to test the worth of players in conditions close to the extreme.

The room has security camera, so the safety of players is under control of the operators. If players need help, they can contact them via speakerphone.

The cost of the game for the team: 300-400 UAH. depending on day of week and time.

CONTACT: 12 Bogdana Lepkoho St.,


Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard with special pieces on the 64 squares board. It is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide, which combine elements of art. The name comes from the Persian language.


SERVICES: playing chess for adults and children

CONTACTS: st. Fredra 1, tel.: +38(032) 261-69-62+38(032) 261-69-62 

Retro Photo


You chose costumes and we take photos of YouJ

Being in the heart of Ukraine – Lviv city You have to try Ukrainian traditional costumes, to feel Yourself as a Ukrainian warrior in special uniform or change as Hetman or Knyaz. Even there is a possibility to try on Musketeer’s outfit and make photos in the old city of Lviv.

Retro Photo – professional photo studio where we will arrange maximum of positive moments in 30min.




CONTACTS: Stavropihiyska str,11, tel.+380676701562+380676701562 , +380676790686+380676790686 .