Coffee in Lviv

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    Lviv and coffee are two notions that became one. Perhaps now it’s impossible to imagine old narrow streets without seductive tart aroma that flies out of small windows of cozy cafés and running through the city mysteriously. In the summer Lviv citizens savor coffee sitting outside of cafés, in winter in cozy warm cafés, sluggishly talking about last news of the city.

    History of Coffee in Lviv started back in late 18 century with the coming of the Austrians, who revealed all niceties of coffee brewing for Lviv citizens by opening numerous cafés. Coffee started to be more and more popular in different circles of society and soon all Lviv fell ill with coffeemania that can’t be healed. Owners of cafés were arranging evening concerts, dances, there you was to hear all the latest gossips… Often cafés were places where creative youth from Lviv was gathering. Many poems, songs and legends are devoted to coffee that makes this drink even mystical. 

    Long time has passed, but love for coffee didn’t fade away and made Lviv the Coffee capital of Lviv. Every year Lviv entertains all coffee lovers with «Have a Cup of Coffee in Lviv» festival, where everyone can taste all sorts of this beverage, brewed in special Lviv way, according to traditional recipes.

    Coffee in Lviv is not just a cup of black fragrant drink, but also a spirit of old city, its soul and pride, history that revive again and again with every sip.

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    Sayings about Coffe:

    Sugar makes coffee untasty if you forget to have some with coffee.

    Folk Wisdom 

    There are things that are worth to be faithful to. Coffee for example…

    John Galsworthy

    Drinking coffee means thinking about life…

    Eastern wisdom 

    Real coffee has to be as black as night, as sweet as a sin, as hot as love and as strong as friendship.

    Coffee connoisseur


  • Café 1

    The «Café 1» Vinotheque is a comfortable and quiet place for people who want to sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine in the old-time atmosphere of the Old City.

  • Pid Klepsydroyu (Beneath the Clepsydra)

    A café situated next to the Art Gallery «Dzyga» (Spinning Top).

  • Svit Kavy (World of Coffee)

    A spacious café with a wide assortment of coffees from all over the world. A variety of sweet «leguminy» (sweet tidbits, delicacies Lviv-style).

  • Pid Synioyu Plyashkoyu (Under the Blue Bottle)

    This small café can be found at the end of a long courtyard of an old building located on Rus’ka Street. A particular atmosphere dating back to the days of «Granny Austria» permeates the interior of the coffee shop.

  • "Viden’ska Kavyarnia" (Viennese Café)

    The Viennese Café is the oldest coffee shop in the city; it was initially designed as a café and built in 1829.

  • "Kentavr" (Centaur)

    A cosy resturant located on Ploshcha Rynok (Market Square) in the centre of Lviv.

  • Gallery-Café "Shtuka" (Handiwork)

    Gallery-Café «Shtuka» (Handiwork) opened in April, 2009. The café recreates the artistic atmosphere of the Austro-Hungarian period in Lviv.

  • Lviv Galician Cheese Cake and Strudel Bakery

    First city bakery of syrnyks (galician cheesecakes) and strudels “Lvivski plyatsky” – a place, where you come by its smell and leave with the most delicious memories.

  • Medelin

    If you prefer coffee-houses with intimate atmosphere, relaxing music and original coffee cocktails, “Medelin” is that very place for you to visit. Minimal art and stylish design combined with light stir of heart-to-heart or friendly talks will create the cosy feeling and good mood.

  • Virmenka

    This, already legendary, old cafe, was founded in 1979, was at a time a place of gatherings of Lviv's bohemian and progressive youth.

  • Halka

    One of the well known city cafes, where for a small price, you can enjoy a magnificent Lviv coffee and delicious desserts.

  • Veronica

    The refined interior and excellent cuisine with a selection of sweets and pastries, cooked directly in the cafe, will ensure that your meeting by the coffee is not only delicious, but also very enjoyable.

  • Open Cafe "Diana at Rynok"

  • Golden Ducat

    One of the most well known city cafes, offering 27 types of freshly ground coffee, freshness which is actually renowned institution.

  • Sonata

    Small cozy cafe in the city center.

  • Cukernia

    Confectionery has a wide range of natural coffee, brewed according to original recipes. Pastries and sweets that are served here, perfectly complements the bitter taste of coffee.

  • Freska

  • Strudel house

    Strudel House - author restaurant where the true art of Vienne pastry is born.

  • Arsenalska

    The coffee-house invites you to try the consummate chocolate bakings and aromatic coffee with the best ever jazz world hits. Your evening is going to be elegant and romantic.

  • Glory Cafe

    The high quality of coffee, the original recipes of cocktails, inimitable atmosphere of happiness, joy and warmth of the place will make your rest in Gloria cosy.


  • Bookstore-cafe "Lviv manufacture"

    Besides the unique variety of coffee and original zests the bookshop-café also proposes true Ukrainian literature to the visitors.


    Modern Austrian coffee culture in the heart of Lviv.

  • Kawalerka cafe

    Welcome to “Kawalerka! It’s cozy and comfortable here! Everything in "Kawalerka" – from the interior to the food and drinks – the whole menu is created for romantic dates and not only, since the very title comes from Galician dialecticism "to cavalier" – to flirt, to go out on a date, to meet.

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