The fare is 3 UAH (general), and 1,5 (for schoolchildren and students). You can purchase tram tickets in “Interpress” and “Vysoky Zamok” kiosks, as well as in Lviv Municipal Services “Lviv Electrical Transportation” sales areas and from the driver inside the tram.

The ticket must be validated when you get on the tram. Put the ticket in the validator which is usialy hanging on the wall of the tram, and pull the lever down to validate. Keep your ticket with you during the whole trip as most Lviv controllers are rather strict.

If you intend to stay in Lviv for a longer time, then you should know that there are various possible subscription rates for a month or more.

Elecnron tram Lviv

Note: Route terminal names go first and last.


Trafick Scheme Lviv trams

Trafick Scheme Lviv trams
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