Where to eat out


Where to eat out

  • Metro

    An international entertainment centre for young people.


  • «Mc Cafe»

    “An Embassy” of USA in Lviv – the McDonald’s – has the novelty – McCafe. Lviv citizens and the guests of the town enjoy 15 kinds of the coffee beverages and the variety of cakes, sandwiches and baking, what can satisfy the taste of true connoisseurs of delicate desserts.

  • Arsenalska

    The coffee-house invites you to try the consummate chocolate bakings and aromatic coffee with the best ever jazz world hits. Your evening is going to be elegant and romantic.

  • Medelin

    If you prefer coffee-houses with intimate atmosphere, relaxing music and original coffee cocktails, “Medelin” is that very place for you to visit. Minimal art and stylish design combined with light stir of heart-to-heart or friendly talks will create the cosy feeling and good mood.

  • Irish Pub "Dublin"

    The Dublin Pub is first and foremost a cult place for Irish traditions.

  • Art-Café «Kvartyra 35» (Apartment 35)

    This café is located on the second floor of the «Dzyga» Gallery; it is the meeting place for members of the Lviv «Jazz Club».

  • Staryi Mayak (Tortuga)

    The club is designed in the pirate style with great attention given to even the smallest details.

  • Open Cafe "Diana at Rynok"

  • "Viden’ska Kavyarnia" (Viennese Café)

    The Viennese Café is the oldest coffee shop in the city; it was initially designed as a café and built in 1829.

  • Panorama Bar

    Panorama Bar is located on the 9 floor of Dnister Premier Hotel****

  • Veronica

    The refined interior and excellent cuisine with a selection of sweets and pastries, cooked directly in the cafe, will ensure that your meeting by the coffee is not only delicious, but also very enjoyable.

  • Virmenka

    This, already legendary, old cafe, was founded in 1979, was at a time a place of gatherings of Lviv's bohemian and progressive youth.

  • Open International Festival of Contemporary Art "Livy Bereh" (Left Bank)

    «Livy Bereh» (Left Bank) is a festival-restaurant, a place that permanently promotes contemporary forms of art: art exhibitions, live concerts, gourmet evenings, and creative get-togethers.

  • Hrushevsky cinema jazz

    First in Lviv restaurant of improvisations that not only offers European and national cuisine, but also a variety of artistic events, like its well known predecessor cinema "Corso".

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