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  • Address:88 Zelena str.
    Phone:(050) 430-58-02 (адміністратор), (032) 275-32-72 (
  • The club was founded on 14th June, 1997. The "Picasso Jazz Club" opened its doors in 1999.

    From 12:00 to 18:00 the club is transformed into a daytime coffee shop, where you can have a light snack or sip your aromatic coffee. Starting from 22:00, the club turns into a night hot spot: concerts, Retro-evenings, disco nights featuring different music trends, and video discos.

    The club has a main room and a banquet hall, a summer courtyard, and a pub with a DVD player.

    Age policy: men from 20 years, women from 18 years are admitted. Identity cards or club cards must be shown at the door.

    Tables can be reserved with the club manager starting from 12:00; guests with club cards can also reserve tables.

    Table reservations for Friday and Saturday: 30 UAH

    Photo – statue of Pablo Picasso inaugurated in June, 2009 on the 12th anniversary of the club. The artist stands barefoot with a bare torso. He is wearing shorts and smoking a cigar, which glows red in the dark. Club people explain that this particular statue was chosen, as the artist himself was often portrayed this way in various photographs.

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