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Resturaunt-museum "Salo"

    Address:6/8 Svobody ave.
    Phone:(032) 235-55-36
    Work time10.00-23.00; th-sa:12.00-02.00;
  • "Salo" is the world's first museum restaurant of salo (fatback), this is irony and mockery of glamor!

    "Salo" is a vodka lounge bar where you can taste the salo-art kitchen, buy any of 35 kinds of salo, and pour it in with is one of 40 kinds of vodka.
    "Salo" is a unique art project which exhibits works by contemporary artists on salo, the largest in the world "The Heart of Salo," which is in the  book of records of Ukraine. "Salo"is a stage for acoustic concerts of famous musicians and bands from around the world. "Salo" is a boutique with unique souvenirs of author's work.

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