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    Address:5 Valova str.
    Phone:+38 (032) 235 – 45 – 13
  • «KREDENS CAFE» is a place for the true coffee gourmets. You can see in the menu quite a few different cocktails: frappuchino, chockolissimo, and also classic espresso and milky cocktails there.

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    • guest05.06.2013 15:48
      looks quite attractive from the street. tables in open space.
      although in Ukraine it is forbidden to smoke in the cafe (we were informed about this before), there were about 5 people smoking close to our table. after asking the waiter told that it is not forbiden to smoke there (tables were in the street). so because wind was blowing to our table we were forced to smell cigarettes while drinking. we drunk quickly and left. it was not that much relaxing as we expected to rest there.
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