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Kryyivka ("Underground Bunker")

    Address:Rynok sq. 14
    Phone:(050) 43-063-54
    Work time00:00-24:00
  • Somewhere in the subterranean vaults of the Ploshcha Rynok (Market Square), you can come upon a basement tavern, designed to look like a kryyivka (underground bunker) Kryyivkas were used by partisan soldiers enlisted in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. But, you need to pronounce the password if you want to get in...

    As soon as you call out the patriotic slogan «Slava Ukrayini!» (Glory to Ukraine!), the door is opened by a stern-looking watchman, who offers you a shot of medovukha (honey wine), and asks you very seriously whether there are any «Muscovites, turncoats, or Commies» in your group… Then, you are allowed to enter the basement tavern, which is designed to look like an underground bunker.

    Military accoutrements, and portraits of soldiers decorate the walls, food is served in original tin army pans – an atmosphere that will plunge you into those days when Ukrainian insurgents lived underground and fought against the invaders of their country.

    This tavern is very popular, so you should reserve your places beforehand.

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