Lviv - Capital of Festivals

Lviv is an extremely attractive tourist area of Ukraine. It is a city of magnificent architectural landmarks: impressive temples and ancient squares, cozy narrow streets, museums and galleries housing artistic masterpieces of different historical epochs.

Carefully preserving the historical heritage, citizens of Lviv always try to demonstrate their keeping-with-the-times. It was in Lviv where traditional celebration of the holidays has received the new format of various themed festivals.

The creative spirit of the carved in stones centuries’ mystery is as if invisibly breathing everywhere in Lviv. This city produces the majority of new art and modern culture trends in the country, as well as the ideas of various interesting entertainment. It’s no wonder that 50 different festivals are listed on the Lviv Calendar of Events for 2011.

According to the old beliefs, every uttered, written or otherwise manifested number has its magic power. Number ”5” symbolizes strong energy, enthusiasm, discovery of new phenomena, progress, risk and passion for the unusual. Number ”0” symbolizes trust, stability, confidence and the ability to implement ideas with an open heart.

The symbolic digits of 50 Lviv festivals presuppose the combination of traditional artistic events and the initiation of new ones, thus creating a magic ornament of the Festival Lviv where you’re sure to find a vast array of different events to suit all tastes.

There’s so much happening in Lviv all year round. Whether you visit Lviv in the spring, summer, autumn or winter you will feel the atmosphere of a holiday!

Enjoy your visit to the Festival Capital of Ukraine!

Here are our top highlights to help you plan your Lviv trip diary!



Christmas Holidays in Lviv

Dates: December 10, 2016— January 22, 2017.Lviv Christmas 2015

Location: the city center.

Tel. number: (032) 235 48 82, (032) 297 57 53, (032) 254 60 79

Lviv has always cherished it’s traditional Ukrainian culture, that’s why the celebration of Christmas is very special here. All people in cherish ancient customs and very much enjoy new, but at the same time very traditional Ukrainian Christmas games and other entertainments.

In the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, a traditional festival “Christmas star shine” takes place (the 7th of January,Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life (Chernecha Hora st., 1), the 8th of January – the center of the city (Rynok square, Prospect Svobody, St. George Square).

This festival renews an ancient tradition: Ukrainians used to make big (1,5- 2  meters) Christmas stars, which are the main symbols of Christmas. Another traditional festival in Lviv is the called “A Great Carol” (January 7-30, 2012; 16, 23, 30 of January – the main concerts). This festival traditionally takes place in the St. Eucharist Church (Museina square, 3). In this year festival, special attention is paid to old Ukrainian customs, and carols in particular.

Lviv Christmas Fair

Dates: the 10th of December 2016 – the 22th of January 2017

Location: prospect Svobody, Rynok square.


Tel. number: (097) 909 19 96

The Annual Christmas Fair is a center of celebration, which offers many interesting events: carols, games, sweets and mulled wine, a traditional Ukrainian meal “varenyky”, souvenirs and presents, and of course a warm festive atmosphere. For citizens of Lviv and visitors of the city there will be a great variety of goods: pysanky, traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts, pottery, national Ukrainian clothing, and hand-made jewelry. A great Christmas atmosphere will be created with little wooden booths, which have become in Ukraine, as well as in Europe, the symbols of Christmas.







Alfa Jazz Fest

Dates: 24—27 June 2017Alfa Jazz Fest Lviv

Location: Rynok sq./Kultury Park


Tel. number: (032) 235 77 88; (099) 499 89 39

Alfa Jazz Festival is a jazz festival of international scale, which is held in Lviv. The festival will bring together not only the best jazz musicians of the world.

This festival will bring the city a wonderful summer weekend in the best traditions of European music events. A wave of jazz will cover the capital of Western Ukraine, will flood the highest weathervanes of the old city and dissolve all its guests in jazz cocktail of great music and unforgettable impressions. This summer, new traditions are being born – impressed by music and a number of activities, Lviv will make jazz its business card. Now Europe will start its summer festival marathon in the open air Lviv Alfa Jazz Fest.

«Leopolis Grand Prix»

Dates: June, 2017Leopolis Grand Prix Lviv


"Leopolis Grand Prix" - an international festival of vintage cars, part of which is an international motor race on retro cars, car parade, open-air exhibition and theatrical costume contest of Elegance. The main event is a car race on historic road called "Lviv triangle", where the first car race was held in 1930. Car makers will bring the history of their production to Lviv. The festival, in addition to racing offers baby car holiday, excursion and navigating quest, seminars for journalists. Competitions are held according to the rules of the International Federation of Historical Vehicles (FIVA) and is included in the official calendar of Automobile Federation of Ukraine (FAU). In 2011 the festival was attended by 74 teams, including 34 from abroad.

Organ Music Festival “Diapason”

Dates: June - July 2017

Organ Music Festival “Diapason” Lviv

Location: Lviv Organ and Chamber Music Hall (8, St. Bandera Street)


Tel. number: +38 (032) 272 39 53

The “Diapason” festival brings back the time, when Lviv was the organ music center. Lviv has got the richest organ music tradition in Ukraine. In old times, the city competed with such known capitals as Krakow, Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, and Vilnius.

The “Diapason” festival is an important step in the six hundred years of history of organ music development in Lviv. Famous organists and young performers from all over the world are coming to Lviv annually to fascinate audiences with their filigree technique and passionate emotions. Performers from Japan, Switzerland, Germany, France and other countries are invited to this year’s festival.



Night in Lviv

Dates: July, 2017Night in Lviv

Location: museums and galeries of Lviv


Tel. number.: (032) 297 57 80

Night tours have already became another tourist attractions of the city. Thus the cultural life of Lviv continues until the late of the night. Traditionally twice a year in July and November runs the promo event "Night Lviv." Around 100 night tours,theatrical performances, art performances inmuseums, theaters, galleries are held for visitors and residents. During the December tours the most popular night events were at the Italian courtyard - theatrical fire show of Pelagia and Mikelini love story, at the "Arsenal"  museum  - reconstruction of medieval battles and masterclass on medieval dances, at the Palace of Bandinelli - poetic installation of works by B. Antonychand theatrical night tour in the city underground and a night tour to Lviv Lychakiv cemetery. 3,5 thousand people participated the night tours.


Dates: May-June, 2017

Location: Square behind the City Arsenal

(Former Jewish Quarter), Staroyevreyska StreetLvivKlezFest


Tel. number: (032) 238 98 61

Klezmer Feast in Lviv (“LvivKlezFest”) is an international festival of Jewish music, song and dance. It is an attempt to revive the lost musical culture of Jews living in Galicia. Within three days of the festival, citizens of Lviv and guests have фт opportunity to experience klezmer music, dances, singing and as well as consort with participants – famous groups, dance bands and family choirs from many cities and countries. During the main concert bands will sing not just in Yiddish, but also in different languages according to the participants: in Ukrainian, Hungarian, Moldavian, Russian, Polish, and German.

Everyone present will have the chance to visit a typical “Jewish square”, to dance to Jewish folk music, to try their traditional food and to make hand-made souvenirs in special workshops.

“Wiz-Art” International festival

Dates: July, 2016

Location: Location: Lviv Palace of Arts (17, Copernicus Street)“Wiz-Art” International festival Lviv


Tel. number: (063) 628 67 73

It is a festival of short films produced during the previous year: fictional films and animations, video art, experimental movies and video artists’ presentations.

The festival program consists of competition and out-of-competition blocks. The winners of the competition are determined by the panel of judges in the following categories: “Fiction Film”, “Animation”, and “Experimental Movie”. After each film show, the spectators vote for the category: winner of the audience award.


Internetional Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival

August 11-14, 2017 Lviv will be hosting the 1st International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival. This festival will bring together Ukrainian Folk dancers and dance enthusiasts from around the world.

The Festival aim is to showcase the richness and diversity of Ukrainian dance, music and song, cherished and promoted by the Ukrainian diaspora across the globe

Throughout the history, the diaspora has greatly contributed – financially, ideologically and emotionally - to the long-standing fight for Ukraine’s true Independence. Our brothers and sisters around the world have just as much Ukrainian essence in them as do we, living here in Ukraine. We believe that by being open and welcoming to all those who see Ukraine as the ‘Home Country’, we’ll unite Ukrainians from around the world into a powerful and impactful nation. Ukrainian culture and art are the universal means that we want to use to once again re-unite various generations of our compatriots.

The Festival will take place in Lviv, August 11-14, 2016.

The International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival is organized by the Ukrainian Dance World Community, Cobblestone Freeway Tours (Canada), Nadiya Art Agency (Canada), Chudo Tour Ltd. (Ukraine), Yunist Honored Ukrainian Dance Ensemble (Ukraine).

Independence Day

Independence Day Lviv

Dates: 24 of August, 2016

Location: Center of the city, city squares, concert halls


Tel.: (032) 235 48 82

Independence Day is a special event in Lviv. On the eve of the holiday, the city’s pace changes. Everyone awaits the street performances, artistic events and the festive concert.

Wearing embroidered national shirts on the Independence Day became a tradition among citizens of Lviv. Already in the morning, the city starts flourishing with the colors of national costumes, which symbolize the prosperity and welfare of Ukrainians.



Week of Contemporary Art

Dates: September 2017

Lviv Week of Contemporary Art

Location: Art Gallery “Dzyga”, “The Jam Factory” (124, B.Khmelnytskyi Street), central part ofthe city


Tel. number: (032) 244 47 78

The “Week of Contemporary Art” lights up the problems of modern art, demonstrating its ways of development and new artistic language of communication with the society. Different kinds of artistic performances and installations, new media art and experimental electronic music, film shows and discussions, lectures and master classes are on the list of the rich program for specialists and art lovers.


International Avant-Garde Music Festival “Contrasts”

Dates: October, 2017

Location: Lviv Philharmonic Society Building (7, Tchaikovsky Street)Music Festival Contrasts Lviv


Tel. number: (032) 272 10 42 (box office), (032) 272 67 25, (097) 700 83 58

(marketing department)

International Avant-Garde Music Festival “Contrasts” was founded in 1995. Every year the number of the well-known participants grows, thus attracting more and more public and journalists’ attention. The idea of the festival is to represent the variety of musical forms, styles, genres and interpretations emphasizing special, often contrast character of new music.

Cheese & Wine Holiday

Dates: October, 2017

Website: Cheese & Wine Holiday

Tel. number: (032) 235 77 88

Why wine and cheese in Lviv? Documental evidence exists of wine-growing in the Lviv Region from the 17th century AD. The climate of Lviv was much warmer at that time so the southern hills of High Castle, the Lychakiv district, Keizerwald hills and Vynnyky suburbs were covered with vineyards producing more than one hundred barrels of wine annually. Monks and monasteries of the Roman Catholic

Cheese & Wine Holiday are fantastic opportunities to learn Ukrainian traditions, to taste good wine and cheese in the open air, to visit fairs and folklore concerts, to enjoy animations and different competitions. Lviv is waiting for real gourmands!



“Drama UA” Festival of Modern Drama

Dates: November, 2017

Location: Bohdana Khmelnytskogo street, 124.Lviv “Drama UA” Festival of Modern Drama


Tel. number: (097) 905 39 31

“Drama UA” is the only festival of modern Ukrainian and foreign dramaturgy in Ukraine. The aim of the festival is to popularize drama as an interesting and up-to-date genre for many people, because the main character of many dramas is an ordinary person with his/her personal outlook, values and ideas.

The main event of the festival is the discussions of the dramas. Theatrical performances of famous playwrights, lectures, and the best drama contest - these are only some events during the festival.  “Drama UA” unites famous Ukrainian and European playwrights as well as introduces new names of talented youth.



International festival “Jazz Bez”

Date: December 2017Jazz Bez festival Lviv

Venue: Concerts halls of Lviv


Tel.: (032) 244 47 78, (095) 260 03 27

"Jazz Bez" is listed in the world's top jazz ratings. Every year it neglects physical borders and unites lovers of jazz all over the world.

This year, the festival will bring the most  amazing bands together, those that have already played in Lviv, as well as some new additions, and artists who are still exploring new horizons in jazz and similar musical styles.

St. Nickolas Day.

St. Nickolas Day Lviv

Date: 19 of December 2017

Website: www.с

Tel.: (032) 235 48 82

St. Nickolas Day lights up the Christmas season in Lviv, because it is when the official opening ceremony of the main Christmas tree takes place. Every year, on December 19th, tons of different performances, charity balls, and concerts for kids and youth are held. But not only....St. Nickolas brings a lot of fun and surprises for adults also...of course, only if they have been nice all year...