Swimming pool at water park "PLIAZH (Beach)"

water park, Lvivwater park, Lvivwater park, Lviv




50 m2 pool, children's area with a pool and rides, professional animators zone "RELAX" - Russian steam bath, Finnish sauna, Turkish dome, infrared sauna, jacuzzi, all types of massage (soap, honey), manual therapy, spa treatments, classes in aerobics, synchronized swimming and water polo, kids fitness and choreography, therapeutic exercises.

In Ukraine it is the largest indoor water park that can simultaneously serve 1 thousand people in the entertainment area with swimming pool.

CONTACT: 114. Kniagyni Olgy str., tel.: 263-82-97, http://aqualviv.com.ua

Outdoor pool in "SKA" sports complex

Outdoor pool SKA, LvivEight swimming lanes, constant water temperature in summer and winter, swimming lessons for children - all this in only outdoor swimming pool in Lviv , which is opened all year round. 50-meter pool is one of the best outdoor pools in Ukraine and is located in training and sports base of summer sports "SKA Lviv".

The pool is located in Lviv at 39 Kleparivska str. and is open daily: weekdays - from 7.00 to 22.00, Saturday - 21.00 and Sunday 18.00.

"Medyk" Swimming pool

Swimming pool, LvivSwimming pool 25 х 50 meters.

CONTACTS: 24 Horbachevskoho str., tel.: 297-07-51



 "Dynamo" Swimming pool

Swimming pool, LvivSports complex has 5 swimming pools, one of them is outdoor. There are shallow pool for the youngest visitors.

CONTACTS: 51 Vitovskoho str., tel.: 238-64-16,  4, Stusa str. tel.: 276-06-04, 276-06-06


Swimming pool of «Eurosport» sport complex

eurosport, Swimming pool, LvivSwimming pool has four lanes of 25 meters. There are different classes for children: initial training, sport diving, water polo, recreational swimming.

CONTACTS: 1 Petrushevycha sq., tel.: 276 33 27, 276 33 26

Aquatic Recreation Center "Dolphin"

delphin, Swimming pool, LvivPool with three swimming lanes and 25 meters long, depth from 1.3 to 1.9 meters. There is a pool for children. Its much smaller, the depth is less than one meter. Children from 5 years may independently swim in the children's pool and babies from one year - along with their parents.

CONTACTS: 12-а Trilevskoho str, tel.: 244-36-31

Swimming pool of "SPORT LIFE" fitnes center

Swimming pool, LvivNew modern sports complex for those who care about their bodies, spirit, respect professionalism in everything and loves space.

3 swimming pools.

CONTACTS: 67B Chornovola ave., "Inter-City", tel.: (032) 232-42-22, http://www.sportlife.ua

"Mars" hotel swimming pool

Swimming pool, Lviv

Hotel "Mars" invites you to actively spend time in the modern SPA complex in which a swimming pool measuring 9 x 15 m and a depth of 1.5 m
Facilities include a swimming pool using a Finnish sauna and jacuzzi. Welcome.
Contacts: Lviv region., Zhovkivsky rayonc. Malekhov str. Kiev, 16 tel.


Hotel "Mars" invites you to spend an active time in the modern SPA complex with a swimming pool, size 9 x 15 m and a depth of 1.5 m. Facilities include a finnish sauna and jacuzzi.

Contacts: Lviv region., Zhovkivsky rayon. Malekhiv, 16, Kievska str. tel. (380 32)224-58-72, emai: administration@marshotel.net