LAZER TAG, LVIVLaser tag - it is an imitation of fighting with weapons, which "strikes" sensors which are safe for humans with an impulse of infrared light. This is not a computer game its a real laser war with real people and real replica weapons. Success depends on the skills of the shooter, strategies and tactics.

CLUB of firing and tactical training "Sturmovyk"

SERVICES: laser tag. The club offers games where you can try yourself in the role of SWAT, terrorist, sniper or stormtrooper  participating in laser battles on the open terrain.

COTACTS: 52 Volodymyra Velykoho st., office. 501, tel.: +38 (098) 006-02-99, +38 (063) 970-41-67,

ICQ: 265129412,,



Airsoft - very realistic team "military" game.

The weapon consists of replicas of the real military weapons, close to their weight, firing speed and other tactical and technical characteristics.

The game itself is carried out under different scenarios, on unlimited or limited space. For greater realism and complexity of the game, players are wearing camouflage uniforms, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads. Each team who participate in the game of airsoft has its own name and original decals, such as badges, headbands, hats, etc..

"GLADIATOR" company

SERVICES: airsoft

COTACTS:, +38 (097) 702 28 46


TRAP SHOOTING, LvivTrap shooting – shooting at a specially equipped area with a gun or machine gun at targets or small clay plates launched into the sky by a special device.

Buhta Vikinhiv

SERVICES: Trap shooting

COTACTS: Stare Selo village, tel.: +38 (032) 240-34-28, mob. tel. +38 (067) 512-55-55, е


paintball_2.jpgPainball - this is a team game that simulates firing contacts in limited locations using markers (guns) that shoot balls with paint. You can play in the woods, in abandoned buildings and specially designed areas.

There are three directions of modern paintball: intelligence training, sports tournaments, entertainment paintball.

Sports paintballl. Played on a limited area with artificial shelters of various forms, arranged symmetrically relative to the transverse axis of the platform. Playground size and number of shelters depend on the number of players in teams and defined rules of the game.

Entertaining paintball - is played on various venues: in forest, field, around the structures and inside the buildings.

Corporate Paintball - still a relatively new sport in the world and in Ukraine. Leaders in paintball is the US (by number of players, the number of equipment used, the number of sales, tournaments, teams, etc.). According to the statistics, paintball in the US now occupies 3rd place among the most popular sports. In Europe, this kind of sport and recreation is less common, and paintball in Ukraine (including paintball in Lviv) only in the recent years is gaining momentum and interest in the public.

Many large corporations are paying attention to this kind of recreation for their employees, adopting foreign experience, including paintball in the programs such as teambuilding. Paintball is widely used as a means of rallying the team during the game and to identify natural leaders. Many companies (such as IBM, Microsoft) use paintball to select working groups during corporate games.

Paintball Club "Kamikadze"

SERVICES: paintball, paintball equipment rental, paintball gear and balls sale, organizing paintball battles and corporate events.

In the arsenal of the club are the usual mechanical markers with the possiblity of electronic use, assault markers and fully electronic weapons, which are used for sports competitions.

Fights are held around the city: in the woods of Bryukhovychi, Winnicky, Dublyany, Derevach and in abandoned buildings in Bryukhovychi, Dublyany, Stavchany and Lviv.

CONTACTS: 10, Pryrodna, st.,,, phone: +38(067) 728-22-26, +38(032) 243-86-83

Paintball club "DELTA"

SERVICES: A wide range of paintball Service

CONTACTS: +38 (067) 418-43-04, +38 (063) 259-17-20,

Paintball club "PSIHOV GROUP"

SERVICES: A wide range of paintball Service

CONTACTS: 6a, Nadiyna st. phone: +38 (067) 300-61-18,,

Paintball club "TRIAD"

SERVICES: A wide range of paintball Service

CONTACTS: 39 A, Kleparivska st., Cycle track SKA, tel.: +38 (032) 233-32-36, +38 (032) 233-73-63

Paintball club "Adrenalin"

SERVICES: organizing competitions and corporate events. Own paintball tactical area of 900 sq.m. and seating area. New service in Lviv - night outdoor paintball. New equipment, gas system using compressed air

CONTACTS:,, phone: +38(093) 713-14-42, +38(067) 255-87-06

Paintball club "Angara B-3"

SERVICES: paintball at a closed court, outdoor activities, corporate entertainment. Closed area represents one continuous enclosed space in a building area of ​​over 500 gaming sq.m. and completely illuminated.

CONTACTS: 53, Zamarstynovska st., phone: +38(067) 784-71-90, +38(063) 854-85-54,,

Paintball club "Chornogora"

SERVICES: A wide range of paintball Service

CONTACTS:,, 10, Hlyboka st., tel: +38(032) 238-57-40, +38(093) 563-65-15

Paintball club "EXTREME BALL"

SERVICES: paintball, organization of corporate events, organizing field games, tournaments, sale of equipment, pyrotechnic fighting simulation.

CONTACTS: 24, Kovalchuk st., phone: +38(066) 772-22-22, +38(066) 772-22-21,


SERVICES: A wide range of paintball service

CONTACTS: Stare Selo village, phone: +38(032) 240-34-28, mob. phone +38 (067) 512-55-55,, e-mail: