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  • Department at Lviv Historical Museum

    Museum-Arsenal is an exposition department at Lviv Historical Museum, opened in May 18, 1981 at the former City Arsenal - an outstanding architectural monument of the 16th century (Pidvalna St., 5). The exhibition represents the examples of ancient weapons from more than 30 countries. The exhibition is based on chronological and thematic principle, according to the type and place of weapons manufacturing. The chronological limits of the items exposed cover the 11th – early 20th centuries and give an idea of weapons evolution, weapons types, kinds, production centers, aesthetic tastes of gunsmiths masters, level of technological development of the society and so on. Luxury decoration of many units allows us to talk about them as about the works of applied art. Many items are decorated with precious metals, precious stones, ivory, pearls, coral, mother of pearl.

    The Museum-Arsenal represents all the main types of weapons: cold, fire, articles of defensive weapons.

    Cold weapons are the most widely represented: knives, daggers, swords, sabers, épées, yatagans, axes, halberds, maces, czekans, pernaches.

    Firearms are widely represented in the Museum as well. You can see here artillery and hand weapons. Valuable part of the collection is bronze cannons from the 16th – 17th centuries by Lviv artists L. Herle and Ya. Polyansky where there are the signs, the coat of arms of Lviv, relief images. We cannot but mention the mortars from the 17th century weighing 30-35 kg with the bombs.

    Besides weapons Arsenal also holds the exhibition of holograms of old orders, made of authentic decorations stored at the collections of Lviv Historical Museum. The visitors can see, in particular, holographic images of the Order of St. Andrew, the Order of Golden Fleece, the Order of the Legion of Honor and many other prominent decorations of Europe and Asia.

    In the building of Arsenal a valuable monument of Lviv foundry - a statue of the Archangel Michael, by Master Caspar Franke is remained.

    Formerly it adorned the portal of the Royal Arsenal in Lviv (1638).

    Museum-Arsenal is a unique museum, which has no analogues in Ukraine.

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