Interactive Museum "Secret pharmacy "

    Address:1, Soborna Sq.
    Phone:+38 (067) 370-56-98
    Work time10:00-20:00, seven days a week
  • "Secret pharmacy" is the first interactive museum- pharmacy in Lviv. It is a "secret" basement of one of the oldest pharmacy in Lviv - pharmacy "Under the Hungarian crown."

    4 reasons why you should visit the Secret pharmacy:

    1. Amazing story of the last Alchemist

    2. Unexpected facts about great inventions of pharmacists

    3. Exclusive pills for happiness: wholesale and retail

    4. Lion-pharmacist and other unique gifts of secret Lviv masters.

    Secret Pharmacy is a new tourist attraction, which offers an interesting program which includes watching a movie about the history of the pharmacy.

    Our pharmacy is secret, so the drugs here are also unusual. Did you know that there are pills from boring work, for return of loved, from envy, hepiness pills. In addition, there is a pharmacy soap designed to cleane the body, thoughts and consequences of different life situations. Ask about it to the secret pharmacist!

    Now the main Pharmacy secret is protected by the only one in the world Lion-pharmacist. He will crush into powder all your problems in his pharmaceutical mortar!

    If you want to know more - please visit our museum.

    Pharmacy "Under the Hungarian crown" was founded in 1772 at the former Bernardine Square (now Soborna Square) by the Alexander Lonshan de Ber'ye. Pharmacy name was given due to the fact that, in the Bernardine monastery for some time were the relics of St. Stephen - king and patron saint of Hungary. At the beginning of the 20th century at the same place was built a new three-storey building where the pharmacy is located today (architect Karol Boublik). Then in the trading hall was set the Baroque furniture and outside was placed the inscription - "Founded in 1772".

    Tours are conducted by appointment every hour:

    mob.: +380673705698, +380673705698 (from 9.30 to 20.00, seven days a week)


    Adult - 55 UAH.

    Student - 45 UAH.

    Children - 35 UAH.

    Number of participants per tour: from 2 to 25 people.

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