Museum of Ancient Ukrainian Books

    Address:15a Kopernyka str.
    Phone:(032) 261-30-12
    Work time10.00 - 18.00, Tue - Sun
  • This museum is a separate department of the Lviv Art Gallery.

    Museum of Ancient Ukrainian books (Book museum) was opened in December 1977 in the building of the Onufrievskiy monastery in Lviv. Lviv is a city which can be called the cradle of Ukrainian printing, because here in 1574 Ivan Fedorovych published "The Apostle" - the first printed book in Ukraine.

    The history of the book, a long and interesting way of development from manuscript to print, the fate of publishers Gutenberg, F. Skoryna, Ivan Fedorovych, secrets and legends of ancient books - all this (and not only) you can see in the museum.

    The collection of ancient and rare Ukrainian books totals 12,000 exhibit pieces, such as manuscripts and ancient printed editions, books on Ukrainian culture, history, etc. from the XIX – XX centuries, book illustrations, ex-libris samples, and pedagogical literature. In 1978, the museum instituted the Fedorovsky Seminar, an international scientific conference on the history of manuscripts and ancient books. 

    Since 1997 museum is located at 15a Kopernyka str.

    Tickets: for children - 6 UAH, for adults and students - 15 UAH.

    Excursion (possible in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish): for children - 15 UAH, for adults and students - 30 UAH.

    Attention! The museum is closed.

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