Oleksa Novakivsky Artistic and Memorial Museum

    Address:11 Lystopadovoho Chynu Street
    Phone:+38 (032) 261-05-52
  • Oleksa Novakivsky Artistic and Memorial Museum of is a permanent exposition representing the creative career of this outstanding Ukrainian artist.

    In 1911 the museum’s building was purchased by Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky who handed it over to the National Museum two years later to serve the needs of Ukrainian artists. This is how the building became the place of residence and the creative workshop of Oleksa Novakivsky. In 1923-1935 it housed Novakivsky Art School – the first institution of art education in Western Ukrainian lands.

    After the artist’s death the house changed hands several times. Until 1971 it was home to the workshop of prominent sculptor Ivan Severa. In spring of 1972 Oleksa Novakivsky Artistic and Memorial Museum was opened in the building on the occasion of the artist’s 100th anniversary celebrated ceremonially by UNESCO.

    Admission Tickets
    Ticket Type
    Adult admission — 20.00 hrn UA
    Student admission — 10.00 hrn UA
    Schoolchild, Retired person admission — 8.00 hrn UA

    Guided Tour (for group visit — up to 20 people, 60 min)
    Adult group — 50.00 hrn UA
    Student group — 40.00 hrn UA
    School group / Retired people group — 30.00 hrn UA
    Family visit — 40.00 hrn UA

    English/ Russian Guided Tour — 200.00 hrn UA

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