The Museum of Old Monuments of Lviv

    Address:3 Old Rynok Square 1 Uzhhorodska Street
    Phone:(032) 272-28-86
  • The Museum of Old Monuments of Lviv. The museum's exposition is dedicated to works of art, sacral relics, historical documents, and archaeological finds.

    Attention! At the moment, the museum is closed.

    The museum of the oldest monuments of Lviv is located in John the Baptist Church. The history of this church’s foundation is surrounded with legends about the founder of Lviv Prince Lev and his wife – Hungarian princess Constance. Individual architectural elements of the church date back to the 13th century and testify to the building skill of old Ukrainian architects. The church was rebuilt several times. The modern stylized reconstruction in Neo-Gothic style was created by architect Yuriy Zakharovych in 1887.

    The exposition of the Museum of Old Monuments includes one of the oldest icons created in Western Ukrainian lands which has survived to this day – “The Virgin Mary with the Child” (second half of the 14th century), as well as a sculpture belonging to the same period – the statue of “The Suffering Christ”.

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