Olena Kulchytska Artistic and Memorial Museum

    Address:9 Lystopadovoho Chynu Street
    Phone:(032) 261-07-06
  • Olena Kulchytska Artistic and Memorial Museum. The exposition includes paintings and graphic works by the artist, decorative and applied works created according to her designs, as well as archival materials, photographic documents and memorial items.

    The museum was founded in 1971 in the four-room flat where the artist used to live. Olena Kulchytska’s workshop presents oil paintings of the early period (Vienna and Przemysl): portraits, landscapes, works on domestic topics, compositions with a plot, decorative furniture made according to the master’s design, a small loom, and an engraving press.

    The museum’s exposition also includes graphic works, embroideries, and works on religious topics: tapestry “The Virgin Mary with the Angels” (1910), oil paintings, colour linoryt, and a ceramic dinner set.

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