Dzyga (Spinning Top)

    Address:35 Virmens'ka str.
    Phone:(032) 297-56-12, (032) 276-74-20
    Fax:(032) 244-47-79
    Work time10.00 - 24.00, Mon - Sun
  • Terra dell’Arte of contemporary art for Ukrainian and - not only Ukrainian – artists.

    In this unique gallery you can enjoy paintings, graphic art, sculptures, special installations, performances, happenings, icon painting, words, your own soul, energetics and charisma….

    The «Dzyga» Gallery opened in 1997. Since then, more than 1.5 million creative participants, visitors and spectators have taken part in 394 exhibits, 117 performances, and lots of other extraordinary events and attractions.

    Free admission.

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