Beer Lviv

  • “Those who drink lviv beer will hundred years live” citizens of Lviv say about their favorite beverage. Lots of legends and fables are composed about beer in Lviv.

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    Beer was brewed in Lviv since XV century and in 1533 Polish king has issued a decree allowing brewing beer in the city. Important role was also played by monasteries, where monks were brewing this wonderful drink from best hops, molt and pure artesian water. Owing to its quality Lviv beer shortly became popular in Austro-Hungarian Empire, and later in Soviet Union. And now in the time of Ukraine independence beer in Lviv doesn’t lose its legendary taste and quality and is popular among citizens and tourists.

    Even an annual festival is dedicated to BEER. Here folk, rock and pop music, games and dances are combined with tasting of different sorts of beer. The first and the only beer museum was established in Lviv. Here you can find exhibition of old beer bottles, mugs from different European countries, special beer barrels, books with recipes of XIX century, etc. You can also watch the movie about beer and try 2 sorts of beer brewed in Lviv.

    Until now Lviv citizens are proud of and enjoy drinking this beverage in numerous pubs and cafés that often brews or serves their own, special beer. You will be impressed with a wide range and taste of beer in Lviv and enigmatic atmosphere of the city and tunes of Lviv music will transform the process of beer drinking into a ritual that haven’t changed through centuries. 


  • Hasova Lyampa (Kerosene Lamp)

    The first Museum-Restaurant in Ukraine!

  • Robert Dom's Beer House

    This is a Lviv tavern which is situated in the cellars of a Lviv brewery.

  • Kryyivka ("Underground Bunker")

    Somewhere in the subterranean vaults of the Ploshcha Rynok (Market Square), you can come upon a basement tavern, designed to look like a kryyivka (underground bunker) Kryyivkas were used by partisan soldiers enlisted in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. But, you need to pronounce the password if you want to get in...

  • Irish Pub "Dublin"

    The Dublin Pub is first and foremost a cult place for Irish traditions.

  • Korzo Pub

    The real Irish pub

  • Music Lab

    One of a kind place, combines between different genres of rock and electronic music....

  • Pub-restaurant "L'UFT"

    Free place for free people

  • White Lion Pub

    White Lion is a downtown English-style pub on a quiet side street. Reasonably-priced pub grub, live music on weekends, and Guinness on tap, all make the bar worth a stop on your Lviv pub crawl.

  • Bierlin Lemberg

    "BierlinLemberg" - a pub with a cozy atmosphere , stylish interior and wide selection of beer.

  • Pialnya beer and gorilka

    Lviv interpretation of famous bars in Poland.

  • Beer Theatre “Pravda”

    Beer Theatre “Pravda” is a place where the best world brewers are crafting unique brand of beers, bringing to Lviv their technology and skills. A unique Lviv beer brand is starting history.

  • Kumpel

    This is the first restaurant-brewery in Lviv. The beer is actually brewed on the premises, in the basement.

  • Mons Pius

    Have you ever drunk beer in the bank?

  • Starhorod

    Restaurant-brewery "Starhorod" in Lviv - a large room for 400 people on two floors where you can drink fresh, live, fragrant, cool and very tasty beer. Restaurant designed in the tradition of European brewing, which is rare nowadays.

  • “Kumpel”

    Another venue of the well-known “Kumpel Group” network. The new venue named “Beer restaurant “Kumpel” is much larger and more spacious than existing restaurant in Mytna Square.