City arsenal

  • City Arsenal is the fortification of XVI centuary, Now in Ukraine is the only museum of weapons.

    Once the main entrance to the city arsenal was decorated with the inscription: "Happy Town, which in time of peace is caring about its future security." Lviv, which was lying at the intersection of major trade routes of East and West, has always been a tasty morsel for all kind of invaders. After the construction of the two castles and fortification line of defense was completed, there was an urgent need for the construction of city arsenal, where had to be manufactured and stored weapons for the defense of the city.

    City arsenal was built as a part of a high wall fortifications of the city in 1555 with large stone blocks. Cannons were casted here. Nearby was an ammunition storage. In the tower, which was near the arsenal, lived the city executioner, here interrogations and tortures were done.

    In the years 1768-1770 gaidamaks - members of the Ukrainian liberation uprising were imprisoned in the City arsenal. After Lviv joining the Austrian Empire in 1772 the arsenal finally turned into a prison.

    Since 1981 in the arsenal is located the Arms museum - the only museum of its kind in Ukraine and all over the former Soviet Union. At the bottom floor is a showroom where you can also see the ancient sculpture group that used to decorate the defensive walls of the city - "St. Michael, kills Satan."

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