Shevchenka avenue

  • Shevchenka avenue is one of the most beautiful central streets; it almost fully preserves the European architectural spirit of the beginning of the 20th century.

    At the corner of 4 Shevchenka Prospect and Chaykovskoho Street stands one of the most attractive Secession buildings in Lviv, the former profitable house of solicitor Sehal; its tower features a decorative gable. The building interior is adorned with luxurious tapestries, stucco décor, and Secession stained glass. 

    Building No. 8 houses one of the best bookshops in Lviv. The Shevchenko Scientific Society bookshop offers the widest collection of Ukrainian books in Lviv. 

    The Neo-Baroque building No. 10 with its two towers was built in 1894. The 1928 shop-window and interior of the former Zalewski sweets shop are rendered in the Art Deco style. 

    No.17/19 houses the Lviv commodity and stock exchange; a creation of the outstanding Lviv architect Arnold Zachariewicz, the monumentality and marvellous adornment of its façade distinguishes it from other buildings. The gable features a eye-catching mosaic emblem of Lviv. The building is an example of the harmonious combination of different styles of art: the façade is rendered according to the best traditions of Secessionism and Neoclassicism, and the distinctive interior is decorated rich stained glass and mosaics displaying stylized flowers. The panel and haut- reliefs in the large assembly hall feature mythological allegories of the life and fate of humanity.

    The original building No. 27 at the corner of Fredra and Hertzena Streets was built in 1909 under the influence of late English modernism.

    Building No. 28 was built in 1897 in the Neo-Baroque style with corresponding sculptural adornment. The cinema has been functioning in this building since 1912, and the chemist’s shop “Under the auspices of the Holy Spirit” has been here since 1913. The interior of the chemist’s shop is decorated with a ceramic panel exhibiting female figures by a medical tree.

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